4As partners with Synergy for brand purpose study

The Association of Accredited Advertising Agencies of the Philippines (4As) recently partnered with market research and strategic consultancy firm Synergy to undertake a pioneering study that aims to determine the correlation between brand purpose and consumer purchase. 

The signing of the partnership agreement took place last August 5, 2022 and was held via the teleconferencing platform ZOOM. In attendance were 4As Chairperson and CEO of Wunderman Thompson, Golda Roldan; 4As President and President & Managing Director of Grupo Agatep, Norman Agatep; 4As Trustee for ARAL Program and CEO of Propel Manila, JC Valenzuela; Synergy CEO, Germaine Reyes; and, Synergy COO, Renzo Reyes. 

“We are proud to collaborate and work closely with Synergy on this important study,” Roldan said. “We have always believed in the importance of a clearly defined brand purpose. Now we are undertaking a study to show that in quantifiable means. This will provide us, our clients, and the public at large with information and insights that will help determine the relevance of brand purpose in the lives of our customers.”

Synergy is the Philippine partner of YouGov, a research and data analytics company based in the United Kingdom. YouGov is known worldwide for conducting public opinion research on a variety of fields, the results of which are used by journalists, politicians, and marketers to make data-driven analyses and decisions. 

This partnership between 4As and Synergy will closely look at how brand purpose—basically a company or organization’s reason for being—impacts and influences the decisions made by the consumer. The results of this groundbreaking study will then be shared to 4As members through a 4As ARAL Session that is scheduled this September. 

“Today, more than ever before, our consumers are more conscious about the products and brands they support. They are more knowledgeable of what a brand stands for, what its advocacies are, and how it conducts its business. Given this, it is important for all of us to understand the interplay between a clearly defined brand purpose and its impact on how our consumers respond to and avail of our products and service. Through this partnership with Synergy, we aim to unlock insights that will broaden our understanding about the relationship between brand purpose and consumer purchase,” Valenzuela concluded. 

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