A better living with new TCL Products.

TCL, one of the top 2 Global brand and leading consumer electronics company, has officially launched new Television and Whitelines model for the Philippine market.

Introducing the P8 TV Series, the W Series Inverter window-air conditioner, the AeroPure Air Purifiers, and Portacool Air Conditioner. TCL aims to solidify its standing amidst increasing year-on-year growth of the TV and Whitelines market both here and abroad.

The P8 TV Series has 3 models, P8, P8M, and P8S.  These models  come with the latest Android TV OS 9.0 and support Google Assistant.  They also have 4k Ultra High Definition screen resolution, HDR10 support, built-in Chromecast compatibility, Micro Dimming function, and Dolby Audio Integration.

The High-End Model P8S has Wide Color Gamut that enhances color reproduction with up to 90% NTSC color accuracy, and HDR10+ that provides dynamic contrast for better picture quality. The P8S also exclusively sports a full screen design. As a result. it delivers more immersive experience while watching.

The Aero Pure Air Purifiers was introduced with 4 models under its belt.  The AeroPure Air Purifiers are equipped with carbon compound and HEPA filters that clean the air, with dust removal rate up to 99.5% and bacterial removal rate of 99.9%.

These air purifiers also have several operation modes. For example, raging from auto mode like the sleep mode that instantly detects the best setting to adjust to fan speed to provide  a good night sleep without sacrificing the air quality.


The W Series from TCL

TCL’s latest offering of W Series Inverter are Window Air-Conditioner and  PortCool Air-Conditioner. The new and flexible models give the consumers more choices. Therefore, consumers can choose the best product that will fit their needs.

The W Series aims to be the most affordable option for people who wants to enjoy comfortable cooling system without thinking of the additional cost in the electric bill. The PortaCool Air-Conditioner was designed with portability in mind.

Equipped with casters and removable window kit and exhaust, the PortaCool can be used in any room of the house. Consumers will not worry about expensive drilling and installation. It has 2 dual fan motors that helps the area to be cool faster. Also, it has dual condenser technology that eliminates the need for water draining.


With TCL Philippines’ continuous growth and development, consumers are sure of the latest technological features and high-quality products TCL has always been known for.

About TCL Philippines

Since its inception in April 2000 through the first joint venture between TCL Overseas Holding Co. Ltd. and Philippine AA Commercial (a subsidiary of Solid Group Company).,

TCL Philippines has consistently introduced innovative and affordably priced home entertainment solutions into the Philippine market. With that, it proudly displayed the brand’s promising leadership potentials.

TCL is now the 3rd best brand in the Philippine TV Market. As a result, the journey to the top continues, TCL further expands its business through integrating other home appliances. Appliances like air conditioners and washing machines, into its comprehensive line of LED televisions.

For more information about the new products of TCL Philippines, visit www.tcl.com/ph/en.