A Day Captured With vivo Y21T

Games, Music and Taking photos are my favorite are my hobbies. I always make sure that I have the perfect gadget for me to experience the perfect performance whenever I feel like enhancing my hobbies. 

I thought I already have the tools that I need for me to use when I feel like relaxing or just in the mood to capture the world around me, not until vivo Y21T landed on my hands. 

Keeping The Entertainment Alive

I always start my day with feel-good music so I attract optimism the whole day and I use a speaker to amplify the sound but since I started using vivo Y21T, I never used my wireless speaker anymore. The speakers are giving me clear and crisp bass and loud surround sound because of this feature, the good vibes continue to arrive.

Travelling to work is boring for me that’s why I always catch up with my favorite series online. At first, I was kind of hesitant to use the vivo Y21T since I’m used to watching series on a smaller screen. But when I tried to use it, I was surprised because the display doesn’t hurt my eyes. A little adjustment was made but it is a delight to use. 

The 6. 51 inch screen is big enough for me to enjoy my favorite series and the 1080p display gave me a crystal clear display that made me enjoy and appreciate the show more. And even if I use a TWS headset, the sound did not change a bit. it is still a surround sound experience. 

Serenity with Mukbang With Time.

The camera of vivo Y21T is very reliable, with 50MP rear camera I can easily take pictures outdoor, indoors or even with food!

Before starting my work, I spend time in the garden of our office and it is a perfect time for me to take photos. The outdoor set-up is kind of challenging since you cannot control the natural light. but with vivo Y21T I never experience any problem taking pictures. I can easily use the focus, perfectly blend the mood with different kinds of filters.

I also used the vivo Y21T while having mukbang. The camera did its magic again and the food and indoor shots are perfect! It automatically adjusts to the perfect tone and light mode so it can produce a picture-perfect moment.  

Game On At Night

Finding a perfect phone for my gaming side is very difficult, I usually have lags and unexpected interruptions. It hurts that I lose my game because my phone is not that reliable. 

I tried to use the vivo Y21T for my online game and I was surprised that my game runs smoothly. It did not experience any lags, the color is so vibrant, the game runs fast and I found out that vivo Y21T has equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 680 processor with 4+1 GB Extended RAM and 128GM ROM that’s why my games run smoothly. If hotels have “do not disturb” sign the vivo Y21T has Ultra Game On. For us who do online gaming, notifications from social media apps can cause lags and seconds of interruptions while playing and missing a chance to get victory. 

The Ultra Game On is unique to vivo Y21T, you cannot find it with other smartphones. It gives vivo Y21T users like me a smooth experience while playing. 

In Conclusion.

In conclusion, the vivo Y21T for me is a revelation. Its so easy to use, very light to carry, stylish and very reliable. It may have some hiccups on the side but the features and the quality managed to outdo it. 

The first thing I always check when buying a phone is the camera and I can say that I am so impressed with how the camera of vivo Y21T works. The speakers are also a delight. No unwanted “noise” just pure clear and smooth sounds. 

When it comes to performance, I can give it thumbs up. vivo Y21T works fast, it responds fast. I can check my emails right away, I can watch my favorite series comfortably and I can play my favorite online game without any unexpected interruptions. 

I can say that vivo Y21T is a must-have smartphone. It can deliver world-class performance that we all need in a smartphone and the most wonderful information about this phone is that you can get all of these top of line features under 10K! this truly vivo Y21T is a gamer’s dream phone, everybody’s must-have phone.