Add the magic of Christmas to your content with vivo V25 series, the #NightPortraitMaster

As soon as the sun sets and the sky darkens, houses and establishments come to life with glittering lights and dancing parols, all inviting you to take a picture or a video of its beauty— the magic of Christmas. For content creators, the holiday season is a time of abundant content possibilities.

However, taking photos or videos in dark places remains a challenge and what good are pictures and videos if your camera cannot give the Christmas decorations justice? Cue the vivo V25 series, the latest addition to vivo’s V smartphone line-up hailed for its night imaging capabilities. The vivo V25 series, nicknamed the Night Portrait Master, pushes the boundaries of night photography with its 64MP OIS ultra-sensing camera that has six times more light input than a regular phone camera. With this, you can take bright and high-quality photos at night, making it the perfect companion for documenting the magic of Christmas. vivo shares its own list of tips on how you can maximize the vivo V25 series’s night imaging powers for great and attention-stealing content this holiday season.

Shine with the Christmas lights

Step under the majesty of a hundred twinkling Christmas lights and take a stunning portrait while they dance around you. During the holidays, there’s no backdrop more perfect than a waterfall of golden fairy lights. And thanks to the vivo V25 series, you don’t need to worry about your pictures looking over or under exposed with its Rear Super Night Portrait feature that balances the light coming from your backdrop and the exposure needed for your face.

Just switch on the Super Night Portrait mode and it’ll automatically adjust the camera’s brightness to produce a stunning and clear image with an excellent face and background quality.

Make the whole place shimmer and capture it on video!

We are in the era of TikTok videos and IG reels. This means, pictures aren’t enough. You have to add some videos in the mix to give your content a little spice! But just as with capturing photos, taking videos in lowlight conditions often compromises your video’s quality.

The vivo V25 Pro’s camera is equipped with a Super Night Video mode that is backed with a O+E stabilization system. This system helps keep your videos smooth and stable especially during exciting moments where lots of movements happen. Whether you’re making a montage of the best Christmas spots you’ve been to or an attempt at the latest dance trend on TikTok with Christmas lights as your background, you can create smooth and noiseless videos that perfectly capture the charm of Christmas around you and your own shimmering moments.

Flex the magic of Christmas at your home

For content creators, aesthetics is everything. But instead of going for your usual photo spot in a café or a park, why not add a more personal touch to your content and flex the Christmas vibes in your home?

Turn off the light, let the garlands and your Christmas tree shine and get ready with the Super Night Mode on. This feature is powered by a raw HDR algorithm that when toggled on can capture authentic colors and deliver optimal brightness for a sharp and clear image. With the Super Night Mode, your photos will come out in high contrast levels and no stray lights or glares so you can share clear and bright photos of your home’s Christmas decorations for all of your friends and followers to appreciate.

Take a selfie with the whole family

Nothing compares to being surrounded by the bright and smiling faces of the people that you love. The vivo V25 Series’ is equipped with up to 50MP Eye AF Selfie Camera where users can now take high-quality selfies even in dimly-lit rooms, all made possible by a technology that uses AI to improve face clarity, enhance details and the image’s overall quality. It also flexes an autofocus feature that keeps your photos in focus especially when your younger siblings keep moving around and also prevents blurred selfies when the focus adjusts. With this autofocus feature and its wide focus range, you can take selfies with pristine clarity whether it’s taken close or far away.

What’s more, this smartphone takes its own magic tricks up its sleeve. The vivo V25 series boasts Photochromic 2.0 technology which uses a light molecular material that allows its back panel to change colors when exposed to sunlight or UV light. The vivo V25 Pro takes the hues of Starlight Black, sporting a million twinkling stars, and Surfing Blue that transforms from light blue sky to deep blue ocean shade. On the other hand, the vivo V25 and vivo V25e variants shine in Sunrise Gold that shifts between golden, orange and reddish hues. These two variants under the vivo V25 series also come in Diamond Black that mimics the elegance and sparkles of black diamonds. The vivo V25 series is the only smartphone in the industry to feature this innovative color-changing technology.

Christmas lights plus the vivo V25 series equals magical holiday content. If you’re a professional content creator or know someone who is about to start their content creation journey, this smartphone is the perfect gift that will bring magic to their online and offline lives.

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