Being static is not something inherently embedded in our DNA, we always like to move and strive to survive and be  better but that is not our case this year, because of COVID-19 most offices, factories, markets & shopping malls were  forced to temporarily close causing thousands of workers to lose their jobs since the first quarter of 2020. 

To help combat unemployment, APPscape is excited to introduce LapitJobs to the Filipinos. LapitJobs is the newest  employment app to download. It’s completely free for applicants. This economic decline took a hard toll to over 27.3  million Filipinos which is why we aim to help them get back to their feet and rise again. We’ve designed the app to fit  the employment procedure for the New Normal Lifestyle. With LapitJobs, we take advantage of technology and social  media for our applicants to get ahead from the competition. 

You just need to download the app and register your account. Once it is activated, turn on your location and find jobs  near you. You can choose how far the distance of your job will be from your home and what Job Type would you prefer.  You also have the option to check a certain location for a job position you’d like to applyfor. 

After you see the lists of jobs, you can also check your Net Pay and Quality of Life Factor Score. 

The Net Pay indicates how much of your estimated salary will be brought home after deductions from your benefits as  well as the time you’ll lose in traffic for transportation. 

The Quality of Life Factor Score will let you know your estimated Job Satisfaction by taking into consideration the  distance and the salary if you were to proceed with the job position. 

Meanwhile, LapitTauhan makes it easier for you to be found by other job applicants. Once you have posted an offer,  your location will also be included. This portal allows the employers to post their job offers to LapitJobs.

Furthermore, LapitTauhan has a dashboard that can help you in shortlisting, scheduling, and conducting interviews,  preferably online, with your applicants by informing them of the status of their application. Furthermore, it’s free to  register for now. LapitJobs’ goal is also to create an inclusive community where you can inspire your fellow job seekers  or be part of their decision making in choosing a company. With this in mind, we’ve also created a learning resource  page – Tambayan. This provides an awesome platform feature for leaders to share their success stories or mentor  those seeking advice. 


APPScape Corporation has been developing software that aims to help the Filipino People have a better quality of life  through software technology. It started as a family business from food ventures to logistics industry. When the family  saw how technological advancements are faring, APPScape evolved to bring help and convenience in the daily lives  of Filipinos. They decided to launch their flagship software LapitJobs. The dream was piloted by three of the Philippines’  most talented software coders which handled the backend, frontend, and UI/UX team. With this software, Filipinos can  find work that’s nearest to them, know immediately the offer for the job – and calculate their estimated transportation  and tax fees at the end of the month. Also, they can even schedule interviews that don’t require them to go right from  the beginning of the hiring process. The app went through a lot of research with regards to employer and applicant  behaviour. This research started way back when the family business was still in the food industry and noticed how blue collared workers are being treated – that some of them just bear the hard time as they don’t have much of a choice just  to put food on the table. Using the platform, LapitJobs, and the culture we have built over the years, APPscape will  continue developing the software that helps people uplift their quality of life at their place, time, and only at the tip of  their fingers. For more information about LapitJobs, please visit 


To be the leader in developing lifestyle and convenience software that can provide relevant information  to all Filipinos, so they can improve their chances at a better life for themselves, their families, and  their communities.