Araneta City is QC’s latest health and wellness hub

To many of us, our health and wellness can sometimes fall by the wayside. Given our hectic schedules, our health become less of a priority. But the COVID-19 crisis showed us our frailty and susceptibility, and many have started focusing on their health because of the pandemic. 

With that in mind, people must have greater access to places where they can find the best medical facilities, lifestyle centers, and other establishments that promote holistic health and wellness.

As part of its transition as an inclusive and well-rounded community, Araneta City has positioned itself to be a rising health and wellness hub. Located right at the very heart of Metro Manila and accessible via a wide array of transportation modes, the City of Firsts offers a variety of health facilities and laboratories, dental and dermatology clinics, gyms and fitness centers, and even spas that are convenient to visit.

“We know that Filipinos are growing more conscious about their health and wellness. This is why we made it a point to bring together a variety of medical facilities all in one place,” Lorna Fabian, Vice President for Leasing of the Araneta Group, said. 

Aside from being a leisure and entertainment destination, Araneta City is also home to a variety of dental, dermatology, skincare, and personal care clinics. Even more specialized healthcare providers such as hearing aid clinics are also within the City. There are also fitness centers, gyms, and spas to ensure that Araneta City covers all of the public’s health and wellness needs.”

Recently added to Araneta City’s growing list of health and wellness establishments is the Makati Medical Center Care Access Araneta City, which is located at Manhattan Plaza Tower 1. This is the newest outpatient center of the world-renowned Makati Medical Center and its first facility outside Makati City. Some of the offerings of this outpatient center are diagnostic, laboratory, and renal care services which include hemodialysis treatment. 

“The Makati Medical Center Care Access Araneta City provides the world-class care that MakatiMed has been known for in a convenient location here in Quezon City. The opening of this outpatient facility will surely help our customers take better care of their health,” Fabian said. 

The City of Firsts also houses The Medical City Clinic in Gateway Mall, Keralty Clinics located at the Gateway Tower, and Aventus Medical Care, Inc. at Manhattan Parkview to offer more options for various healthcare needs.

After consulting with medical professionals, customers need not go far to purchase the medicine prescribed to them as various pharmacies can be found all around the City of Firsts.

In addition to these medical facilities and pharmacies, the City of Firsts has seven dental clinics, eight dermatology clinics, six skincare clinics, seven personal care clinics, two hearing aid clinics, and three gyms. 

For the fitness buffs, Araneta City has Slimmer’s World in Ali Mall, Anytime Fitness in Cyberpark Tower 1, and Gold’s Gym which will open soon in Manhattan Heights. And if one wants to unwind, destress, and escape from the hassles of daily life, there are many spas offering relaxing treatments like Skinology Spa and Wellness Center at Ali Mall, Skinbella in Shopwise Arcade, and INBALANCE SPA at the Novotel Manila Araneta City, among many others. 

All these offers are confined in a growing transit-oriented community that boasts of ultimate accessibility, convenience, and easy navigation. 

“We invite the public to consider Araneta City for their health and wellness needs. The City of Firsts is now a city that offers a wide selection of services that are specifically geared towards making one healthier both inside and out. It is our aim to be a community that promotes not just a happy lifestyle but also a healthier life,” Fabian concluded. ###

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