AXA advocates responsible investing

For the past year, what has disrupted and plagued our lives so terribly was COVID-19. But aside from the pandemic, we also had to deal with natural disasters such as volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and typhoons, all of which continue to hit us unexpectedly.

The constant looming cloud of environmental issues that threaten humanity’s survival is the reason why companies like AXA have committed to a climate strategy. The steps needed to help reverse the effects of climate change need to be a substantial, unified effort as we are in a race against time. 

“AXA believes in the importance of investing responsibly. It recognizes the impact companies can have on the world. As a responsible institutional investor, it’s our duty to carefully consider our actions when making business decisions to make sure we leave a positive impact on our customers’ lives,” explained Rahul Hora, AXA Philippines president and chief executive officer.

At AXA, among its initiatives in mitigating climate risks is to promote the Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles in everything it does. This is because AXA protects what matters to its customers – be it their lives, assets, or health. ESG can mean different things to different people or organizations. But for an insurance company, it means being a good steward of its clients’ wealth through the company’s investments. 

In the overall investment process, ESG factors are integrated in the decision to invest in a company, to partner with an asset manager, or to create new investment products. The integration of ESG principles throughout the process enables a holistic view of how a sound investment decision can positively influence other companies without sacrificing economic returns. With ESG as an integral part of the investment process, we believe businesses can achieve profitability and create positive impact while they help mitigate risks in the long run.

Both companies and the people can be more socially and environmentally responsible in how they invest. This concept, known as responsible investing, is deeply rooted in the fundamental principle of “doing what is right.” Doing what is right is giving a fair wage or salary to employees. Doing what is right means complying with environmental laws and regulations. There needs to be a conscious choice now to practice a more sustainable way of doing business – a more sustainable way of living.

AXA, together with global investment partner Architas, focuses on a selection of funds from companies that are ethical, responsible, and sustainable. It’s also a way to help their clients be responsible investors. 

It should be noted that AXA Philippines’ principal, the Paris-based AXA Group, and AXA Investment Managers and Architas are all signatories to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment.  

These days, learning more about responsible investments is the first step to making even the slightest difference in our current environmental situation. Taking that initial step to invest responsibly, even if you contribute in simple ways, is a milestone in itself. It’s a milestone because, together with AXA, you chose to make a stand.

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