Baker John Breads Recipes to Refuel You After Work Out

Baker John is sharing different recipes that can keep us healthy  and energetic during this trying times. Exercising at home has become part of our new normal and it’s probably one of the best things individuals can do for themselves. But after a hard session with one’s favorite fitness vlogger or virtual trainer, workout enthusiasts will definitely work up an appetite. Contrary to what people may think, it’s not always a bad idea to have a snack after working out. The key is having the right one.

Building muscle and replenishing energy usually depends more on one’s post-workout meal than their pre-workout one. What people eat for about an hour after their workout affects the results they get in the long run. A proper amount of carbs and protein are also essential for post-workout recovery. This can assist in rebuilding muscle and providing energy for more training sessions to come.

Here are some sandwich recipes that can be enjoyed with quality and healthy bread like Baker John Wheat Bread and Carrot Pandesal. Try these out the next time you’re craving for a post-workout snack.

Peanut Butter, Banana, Honey Sandwich


2 tbsp all-natural peanut butter

1 medium banana, sliced

1 tbsp honey

2 slices Baker John Whole Grain Wheat Bread, lightly toasted

This provides a good amount of fiber, carbohydrates, protein, and a balanced level of glucose that the body needs.

Tuna Salad Sandwich


1/4 cup tuna flakes, drained

4 tbsp low/fat free mayo

1 tsp onion, minced

4 slices olives

2 slices Baker John Whole Grain Wheat Bread

The mixture of tuna and olives help provide the body with much-needed protein. ! Use Baker John Whole Grain Wheat Bread for just the right amount of carbohydrates to build muscles and replenish energy.

Egg White Sandwich


3 scrambled egg whites

1 slice low-fat ham

1 slice cheddar cheese

2 slices Baker John Whole Grain Wheat Bread, lightly toasted

Many people consider eggs as their go-to source of protein, vitamins D, B6, and B12, plus zinc and iron. This sandwich is mostly egg whites, giving the body more Vitamin B2, and has healthy goodness of Baker John Whole Grain Wheat Bread.

For those who prefer pandesal, a perfect and healthier option is Baker John Carrot Pandesal.   It’s a good source of vitamin A that supports healthy immune system and bone health. These tasty buns can also help provide the energy it needs to keep one active the whole day, even after a workout!

It can be enjoyed it as is, or spruced up with palaman such as jams (strawberry or blueberry go well with this!), peanut butter, or avocado with cream cheese.  

Try these treats after your next hard session to keep you on track and help you achieve your fitness goals. Check out Baker John on Facebook,, to learn more about the brand.