Celebrate the 25 magical years of Enchanted Kingdom

Nothing can stop Enchanted Kingdom from bringing magic to everyone right in the comforts of their homes! In celebration of its 25th Anniversary, the country’s first and only world-class theme park will hold its virtual 25th Anniversary kick-off this July 25, 2020!


Although we can’t go out just yet, Enchanted Kingdom still finds a way to reconnect with everyone and provide magical experiences and entertainment they all long for. The 25 Magical Years virtual celebration will be hosted by Josh Colet with performances from EK’s homegrown talents—Victoria’s Way and Kingsmen, plus one of It’s Showtime’s TNT Divas Gidget Dela Llana. Catch this magical show on July 25, 2020, Saturday, 6PM-7PM simulcast at Pinoy Box Office Channel (PBO) and EK’s Facebook account (www.facebook.com/enchantedkingdom.ph).

For more information, visit Enchanted Kingdom’s official website and Facebook page at www.enchantedkingdom.ph and www.facebook.com/enchantedkingdom.ph.