Creativity amid challenges: Local startups find ways to keep going

Last year, the Department of Trade and Industry reported a record high 88,000 new business registrations driven by small enterprises, most of which are online entrepreneurs. From home-based bakeshops to gardening essentials, Filipino entrepreneurs showed up with their best and most creative ideas.

But while these are new opportunities for many Filipinos to serve their family and community, one of the challenges they faced is how to efficiently move goods and people. From sourcing raw materials to fulfil deliveries, entrepreneurs need a partner that is as tough and flexible as they are. 

The Toyota Wigo is the reliable vehicle partner for every modern entrepreneur.    

From the kitchen to the table 

Whether it’s a small birthday cake, snacks or home cooked meals, the goal of bakers and small catering businesses is to cook up mouthwatering creations. However, managing a food business isn’t a piece of cake. From preparing the ingredients, putting the design together, cooking or baking, plus dedicating hours to complete the orders, there is a lot of challenges these food entrepreneurs have to face. Delivery should be the least of their problems. Katrina Lui, owner of Pink Kitchen Cakes and Pastries shares, “Aside from the cakes we produce, logistics is a key factor in our business as it affects the quality of the orders our customers receive.”

It saves time and energy to know that there is a reliable partner like the Toyota Wigo to help fulfill orders. With its spacious interior and adequate legroom, there’s sure to be enough space to fit the week’s orders. 

Picking up fresh produce and shopping for bulk ingredients from the market? This Toyota hatchback packs more than what meets the eye.

Bringing nature indoors

Speaking of space, plant-related posts have taken social media feeds by storm during this pandemic. Many Filipinos have become plantitos and plantitas, embracing nature more by bringing it closer to home, even indoors. With such strong demand, startup entrepreneurs ventured into selling a diverse range of plants and plant essentials. The challenge these small business owners face is how to safely bring these living things to their new plant parents. Jackie Perdigon, owner of Garden Titas of Manila, explains, “For plant collectors, getting their dream plant in the best condition is key. That’s how we secure the trust of our customers and have return buyers as well.”

The Toyota Wigo TRD S greets its users with easy-to-clean and maintain interiors. It also sports enough headroom for slightly taller plants. Navigating the road also comes easy, even when transporting tall plants that may block the driver’s view.  Thanks to the Wigo’s reverse camera and back sonar’s capability to adjust or retract the side mirrors, one can easily get a clearer rear visibility. It comes with a keyless entry (available in TRD S and G grades) for easy loading and unloading, plus an LCD air conditioner panel (available in TRD S and G grades) that allows convenient indoor air control for sensitive plants that require a specific humidity.

What’s brewing?

Ever miss that all-familiar smell of freshly brewed coffee wafting through the air of coffee shops?  Now that most coffee shops operate on limited capacity and friends cannot casually meet over coffee on account of safety protocols, the traditional coffee shop needs a revamp. 

Coffee enthusiasts and business owners are finding new, creative ways to bring the favorite drink to consumers through mobile coffee pop-up shops. These mobile cafés are not only safer,  but also exciting and fun. Managing a mobile coffee shop may look tedious and costly, but with a Toyota Wigo, an aspiring coffee connoisseur need not think about monthly rent, shop maintenance, and other utilities. 

A mobile coffee kiosk has lower startup costs beneficial to entrepreneurs looking to have their own coffee business

Toyota Wigo’s performance value can power small businesses’ and service providers’ day-to-day. It boasts a fuel-efficient engine under a compact hood. A mobile coffee startup doesn’t need to fret about spending too much on fuel consumption. It’s a practical choice for business owners planning to expand their business reach, while enjoying the scenic views of the country.

An affordable startup business investment 

Starting a business requires capital. A vehicle can be a good form of investment, especially for businesses that require sourcing and delivering goods. Being one of the most-browsed vehicles online by Fililipinos, Toyota Wigo  comes with an attractive price best for startups aiming to upgrade their businesses. In line with Toyota Motor Philippines’ (TMP) thrust to provide mobility for all, they offer flexible financial services and promos making it easier to own a Toyota Wigo today. This June, buyers can choose from the following Toyota perks:

  1. Pay an All-in Low Cash-out of PHP 85,200 for the E MT variant.
  2. Pay light with monthly plans as low as PHP 5,276 for the 1.0 E MT variant.
  3. Get as much as PHP 15,000 savings for outright cash transactions for select models.