For most of us, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought stress and anxiety into our lives. Among many others, this pandemic may have posed a big threat not only to our health but also to our finances. As we continue to overcome the challenges towards the new normal, this journey has made us see the things that have now become even more important – having the financial confidence to ensure that our loved ones will have a bright future no matter what happens and being able to safeguard our hard-earned savings in case of serious illnesses. 

In line with its mission to help every Filipino achieve lifetime financial security and live healthier lives, Sun Life Grepa Financial, Inc. (Sun Life Grepa), a major life insurance company in the Philippines, is offering various health insurance plans that provide the best care in case of hospitalization or should a critical illness strike, allowing us to live a full and brighter life with the people we love.

The Sun Life Grepa health protection plans provide benefits for each of the key stages of a client’s health journey: Prevention, Diagnosis, Treatment and Rehabilitation. On top of that, clients will also get maximum protection through lifetime insurance coverage, so their families can have comfort and peace of mind during uncertain times. Sun Life Grepa health protection plans also provide other living benefits such as guaranteed cash and non-guaranteed dividends.   

Furthermore, clients who have a Hospital Income benefit rider affixed to their Sun Life Grepa health insurance plan may avail of a daily cash benefit in case of hospital confinement due to COVID-19, as aligned with the policy contract provisions. Likewise, a client with a Critical Illness Benefit rider may also file for a critical illness claim if such claim meets the definition of a covered critical illness and was caused by COVID-19. 

“The expenses associated with major illnesses can drain a family’s resources, so it is important to be equipped in advance by insuring yourself and your loved ones. Through our health insurance plans, we can help you create a safety net to protect your family and your wealth and get the finest treatment available,” Sun Life Grepa President Richard S. Lim said.   

Sun Life Grepa has four (4) health protection plans specifically designed to take care of health needs at every life stage. One is Sun Grepa Fit and Well, a comprehensive life and health protection that provides financial benefits upon early or late diagnosis of any of 114 covered critical conditions. Avail of this plan at a young age and enjoy health protection for life.  

Another is Sun Grepa Senior Care which is especially designed to address the evolving health needs of people in their golden years who are more vulnerable to sickness and diseases. Clients can avail one for themselves or adult children can also buy one for their parents.    

For those concerned about the Big C, there is Sun Grepa Cancer Care. This specialized health protection plan helps you be financially prepared so you can manage the financial burden should a cancer strike and thus be able to focus on recovery and the more important aspects of life.  

Finally, for clients who are looking for affordable health coverage, there is Sun Grepa ProHealth, a life and critical illness plan that does not require a medical examination for clients from 18 to 60 years old.   

“While the long-term effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have yet to be known, it is essential that we provide our clients the right support, so they can be prepared for anything and be at ease in the pandemic and beyond,” Lim added.   

Be fit to be Financially Independent Tomorrow (#Befit2bFIT), so you can keep building your brighter future with Sun Life Grepa health protection plans. For more information, contact your Sun Life Grepa advisor, visit any Sun Life Grepa branch, or email wecare@sunlifegrepa.com