Exploring SASE, the Future of Network Security

Amid today’s new normal, businesses need a secure connectivity boost in more locations than ever before. To ensure their employees’ safety and well-being, most organizations needed to embrace flexible working arrangements, which brought challenges, such as unstable internet connectivity, lack of suitable personal devices, unacceptable quality for voice services, and the need to provide secure access to applications.

For Fujitsu Philippines, Inc., one of the country’s leading Information and Communications Technology (ICT) systems integrators, to ensure seamless connectivity, businesses should start realigning their network strategies to Secure Access Service Edge (SASE). 

SASE merges network, and network security services, previously delivered through separate physical infrastructures, into an integrated cloud-native service. It promises to provide comprehensive network security services to empower digital transformation. It also increases the adoption of cloud-native services and edge computing platforms and enables organizations to deliver IT services at high speed with firmly secured access and reduced costs.

Aside from these benefits, implementing SASE can provide four other advantages, as listed below: 

Boosted Network Performance. SASE helps boost the network performance since user sessions are inspected only once before security engines are operated parallel with the scale-out approach. This setup helps achieve lower network latency compared to the traditional network security architectures.

Strengthened Cloud Security Posture. Since SASE offerings will provide centralized cloud-based policy management with distributed enforcement points closer to the entity, any access session can now be inspected by the same policy regardless of its location. It can also help identify sensitive data and malware. Strict access controls will also be applied using the Zero Trust Network Access model.

Improved User Experience. SASE also helps reduce the number of agents on user devices and edge network appliances at a branch. As such, it makes it easier for users to access the data regardless of location. SASE also enables the application of security policies to user sessions without any user interaction.

Reduced Costs. Since SASE consolidates network and network security services, it also helps reduce costs. And since SASE takes advantage of cloud computing to overcome software upgrades and other security issues, it can also cater to the changing business requirements and new threats, reducing further the operating costs.

For organizations looking to adopt SASE, Fujitsu Philippines can help them through its SASE offerings. The company aims to help organizations in the country realize their long-term SASE strategies and reap all its benefits.

With more than four decades of local presence and expertise, Fujitsu Philippines provides businesses nationwide with cutting-edge IT solutions and services that can help them realign their current IT strategies to their ever-changing needs. It also offers cloud technology that provides relevant and cost-efficient IT solutions to all organizations of various sizes and needs.

To know more about Fujitsu Philippines, Inc., visit the website at http://www.fujitsu.com/ph