Gulit Free Goodness with Macao Imperial Tea

Summer may be out but it should not stop you from making your mornings better. These new refreshing treats from Macao Imperial Tea will tell you why.

The Oat Series is the latest offering of Macao Imperial Tea to their customers. These delicious and refreshing drinks have premium quality rolled oats blended with fresh milk that you will love.

There are three guilt-free drinks that you can enjoy, Coco Oat Milk, Peanut Oat Milk and Red Oat Milk.

Coco Oat Milk has the kick of Coconut and still have the goodness of Oats in every sip. Coco Oat gives you the vibes of summer because of the fresh flavour of Coconut.

If you are the type of person who loves crunchiness then Peanut Oat is for you. In every sip, you will get bits of Peanuts that complement the fine pieces of oat. Together they give the crunchy and tasteful feel that peanut lovers are looking for.

For those who are looking for a more fruity refreshment, then the Red Oat is for you. It has Jujube fruit or what we call Red Dates that has different vitamins that our body needs. It delivers a sweet and tingling taste that blends in your palate.

Oat series is available hot or cold. Visit Macao Imperial Tea store near you and start enjoying these guilt-free refreshments that can bring a smile and sunshine to your mornings.