Here’s How You Can Find Out Your Match’s Personality from Their Pick of ‘Anthem’! Check Out The Analysis from Music Therapist Vicky Chiu

As the world’s most popular dating app with over 50% of young adult daters, Tinder finds that music is the most popular Interest shared among members. With the release of Music Mode in Explore, Tinder reveals that about 40% of young adult daters globally have already added Anthems to their profiles and when they do, they see a nearly 10% increase in matches!

The essence of music is its ability to express feelings and emotions, and just like one’s outfit and behaviors, music also demonstrates people’s personal vibes and styles! Knowing that young Pinoy adult daters are looking to discover more ways to match and show their authenticity, Tinder collaborates with music therapist Vicky Chiu to share how members can encounter their soul mates or ideal match by demonstrating their personal style with the perfect anthem in Music Mode, in Explore.

Music Mode is an immersive experience available in Explore that automatically plays members’ chosen Anthems to show their personal style.

“It is observed in clinical research that a person’s music taste has a lot to do with one’s personality, emotions and state of mind. After following numerous tips and digging into different research, we shared tips on how young Pinoy adult daters put themselves out there by sharing their favorite tunes on Tinder whilst easily spotting their ideal matches. However, having a sincere conversation and proactive interactions with your matches are what eventually lead to meaningful connections – and music is a great icebreaker.” said Vicky.

Vicky has consolidated international research that includes 300K participants and data collected from the past 17 years, to share 5 different vibes that can be demonstrated via music. If you are looking forward to encountering Tinder matches that appreciate your personal style, here are 5 vibes that you can show on your Tinder profile via music choices!

Tinder profile vibe #1: The authentic and romantic type

If you have a romantic soul, tend to treat others with sincerity and authenticity, while also looking forward to all kinds of conversation and meaningful relationships, chances are that you may be the Sincere and Romantic type! According to Vicky, mellow music such as soft rock, R&B, and adult contemporary genres are more likely to build such character. Add these types of anthem to your Tinder profile and you might just encounter a match  who shares common values and taste, and gets your sense of humor!

Recommended Anthem: Stay by The Kid Laroi & Justin Bieber and Kumpas by Moira dela Torre

Tinder profile vibe #2: The easy-going and charismatic type

Charming smiles on faces are the iconic characteristics of the easy-going and charismatic type. In order to enhance such a vibe, music that is uncomplicated and relaxing, such as country genres and unplugged music, shows the personalities of adapting to all kinds of environments and the curiosity to explore the unknown. Adding such music on Tinder might also subtly imply that you might be a person who’s fond of new experiences like traveling or you have enthusiasm in certain fields. In terms of relationships, you are into nostalgic romance and a romantic grand gesture might work on you!

Recommended Anthem: Akin Ka Nalang by Itchyworms and Sun and Moon by Anees

Tinder profile vibe #3: The sophisticated and mature type

Looking to find someone who also has a steady personality and appreciates classic movies and artworks? If you are a mature and sophisticated person who likes to explore something new and are fond of exchanging different POVs with friends. While you are exploring in Music Mode, you may like to choose an anthem that is inspiring but complex, and has dynamic features as heard in classical, operatic, avant-garde, and traditional jazz genres to show your refined personality!

Recommended Anthem: Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang by Pops Fernandez and Moon River by Richard Poon

Tinder profile vibe #4: The cool and independent type

Do you have friends often complimenting you on how you have a strong character and unique personal style? While the first impression you give others could be a bit distant; however, as people get to know you, they will realize that you are actually one of the younger generations that refuse to follow trends blindly and have your very own unique views towards the world. The music that best demonstrates your rebellious yet fun personality is the intense style – distorted, loud, and aggressive attributes as heard in classic rock, punk, heavy metal, and power pop genres.  By adding these music genres, you might have a higher chance to find your very own us-against-the-world type of perfect match!

Recommended Anthem: Upside Down by 6cyclemind and Diwata by Sam Concepcion

Tinder profile vibe #5: The bold and enthusiastic type

If you love a relationship that allows you to be straightforward, proactive in taking the first step, while also being a trends and pop culture lover, you might  be looking forward to  finding a match who is able to keep up the energetic lifestyle! Therefore, contemporary anthems such as upbeat and electronic attributes as heard in the rap, electronica and Euro-pop genres can be the perfect choice to demonstrate your personality! In addition to showing your outspoken and proactive character, it also naturally delivers the impression that you are an expressive person and people can expect embarking on an exciting yet romantic journey with you, which definitely leads to more opportunities to build deeper and meaningful connections!

Recommended Anthem: What? By SB19 and Pepas by Farruko