It is believed that healthy employees make a happier and productive workforce. Maintaining such a state has been a challenge as the business workforce continues to evolve in the current hybrid environment. 

Nowadays, employers are finding more innovative ways to create a culture of wellness to help employees continue being productive while building healthy habits in both their personal and professional lives.     

This holds true in Sun Life Grepa Financial, Inc. (Sun Life Grepa), a major life insurance company in the country. For Sun Life Grepa, this culture of health has meant developing holistic wellness programs for its employees that improve not only their physical well-being but their mental health as well.  These programs also demonstrate the company’s support for the United Nations’ Millennium Sustainable Development Goal #3 which aspires to ensure health and well-being for all

As part of driving this goal in the organization, Sun Life Grepa has recently launched SLGFI Cares for YOU, with its flagship Employee Assistance Program. The company-sponsored benefit provides free, confidential counseling as well as information and resources for the mental, emotional, legal, family, work-life and financial wellness needs of employees and their family members. Employees may avail of this via a dedicated 24/7 hotline.

Aside from the new program, Sun Life Grepa has been successfully running wellness webinars for its employees and continues to conduct such sessions throughout 2022. Some topics include Motivation and Mindset, The Power of Habits, Resiliency, Psychology of Stress and many more. On the other hand, to encourage a healthy lifestyle Sun Life Grepa also set in motion a series of virtual exercises such as Zumba, Boxing, Aerobics that employees and their family members can enjoy doing in the comfort and safety of their homes.     

Moreover, in support of the nationwide vaccination efforts of the government, Sun Life Grepa employees and nominated dependents got their free COVID-19 vaccine (primary and booster shots). This was done to ensure a workplace that is free of known hazards and minimize the risk of infection. At present, more than 99% of Sun Life Grepa’s almost 600-strong workforce has received the COVID-19 vaccine. 

“Promoting the health and overall wellbeing of our employees is a priority for Sun Life Grepa. Our mental and physical health is crucial for us to remain productive, motivated and engaged. As we help clients achieve lifetime financial security and healthier lives, we want the same for our employees. Here at Sun Life Grepa, we believe that supporting the well-being of our employees will not only help them achieve their goals as individuals, but will also help us deliver on our mission and purpose as a company,” said Sun Life Grepa Human Resources Head, Pinky Moreno.      

With these efforts, Sun Life Grepa continues to work on providing a sustainable work environment that has a mix of personal growth, fulfillment and wellness. Visit www.sunlifegrepa.com/careers to learn more.