Hotel Sogo Welcomes the New Normal

All of us are still stuck at home and cannot travel and because of this pandemic, many hotels and resorts experienced problems and trials. As NCR starts to rise again by being under MECQ, selected businesses were given the green signal to slowly open their doors for customers and one of them are hotels businesses and Hotel Sogo, one of the biggest hotel chains in the Philippines is ready to welcome everyone.

Hotel Sogo released a playbook video that will give everyone a glimpse on what will be the “new normal” operations in the hotel.

In this video, Hotel Sogo shared how they make sure that they are ready for the new normal.  From the entrance, reception, and to the rooms expect the changes made to adapt to the new normal.


It’s not just the hotel rooms that they prepare, even their employees are geared up to face the new normal. They have PPEs and gave face shields, masks and gloves to their employees.

So Clean, So Good and So Safe Experience.

Hotel Sogo’s main priority is always the safety of their guests and lets them feel secure every time they stay at Hotel Sogo.

Hotel Sogo’s preparedness for the new normal is a great initiative to continuously deliver a So Clean, So Good and So Safe experience to everyone who stays. Some of the other guidelines that will observe are social distancing and less direct contact to guests. Some of the other guidelines  that they’ve added are sanitizers that can be used anytime, number of passengers allowed inside the elevator and constant disinfection in their lobby, reception and other parts of the hotel.

Mats for sole disinfection is available in the entrance and also checking of temperature is also being done before entering the hotel.

They also have UVC disinfection light Array Cart that help in cleaning and disinfection of the rooms and bathrooms.


They also created tools that can be used by the guests. It can be use for pushing the floor number in the elevator, door knobs and other common parts of the hotels.

Hotel Sogo is truly dedicated in delivering nothing but exceptional services to their guests. That is why whatever happens you can always count on them. They are ready to face changes, adapt the new but retain what is good that is  So Clean, So Good and So Safe experience for everyone.