Huawei Film Awards 2020 Encourages a Leap Further in Mobile Filmmaking

Aspiring filmmakers and visual creatives once again have a unique opportunity to showcase their art at the Huawei Film Awards (HFA) 2020. This annual event encourages artists to explore and push the boundaries of smartphone videography to tell incredible and inspiring stories.

HFA was established in response to the ever-advancing innovations in mobile camera technology, resulting in widespread accessibility to practicing videography and other filmmaking techniques where they were once limited by equipment restrictions.

The Huawei Mate 40 Pro leads by inspiration

Ever since the local release of Huawei’s newest flagship Mate 40 Pro smartphone, the company has anticipated an uptick in high-quality content produced by its user base. Given the device’s amazing videography features such as the Ultra Vision Camera and Ultra-Wide Cine Camera among others, there’s no doubt that Mate 40 Pro users will be producing thought-provoking 4K-resolution masterpieces in no time. Not to mention the phone’s XD Fusion HDR Mode, AI Image Stabilization, and Tracking Shot capability, there’s no shortage of tools for storytellers to work with.

Moreover, the Mate 40 Pro offers an excellent vlogging solution for current and would-be vloggers. The front-facing Ultra Vision Selfie camera is also capable of shooting in 4K and adjustable field-of-view, as well as a Slow Motion mode for added dramatic effects. 

The HFA 2020 in that respect, sets the stage for all these budding creators to shine in the limelight – especially given this year’s revamped Professional and Vlog categories.

HFA 2020 contest overview

For HFA 2020 the competition will be divided into two categories: Professional and Vlog. The Professional category follows the same direction that previous HFAs set up, wherein participants must submit short films shot entirely on their Huawei smartphones.

The new Vlog category meanwhile, focuses on more “casual” content, guided by specific topics such as fashion, food, art & culture, and nature. This segment follows the rise of this more flexible and entertainment-oriented medium in a serial format.

Each category will have two types of winners – People’s Choice and Judges’ Choice awardees. All Huawei phone owners are eligible to join the competition. A panel of renowned filmmakers and content creators will be judging the entries on several criteria.

Submission of entries for HFA 2020 will be open from December 4, 2020 to January 10, 2021. Huawei will be announcing specific submission periods for each topic, indicated in the following overview:

December 7 – Fashion Topic

December 14 – Food

December 21 – Art and Culture

December 28 – Nature

Announcement of winners in the Vlog category will be on February 11, 2021 and April 19, 2021 for the Professional category.

Participants in the Professional category can submit their entries at starting December 18, 2020. For the Vlog category, entries must be submitted via Facebook and/or Instagram starting December 4, 2020 bearing the hashtag #HuaweiVlogPH.  Join HFA 2020, and let’s all shape the future of filmmaking today.