After leaving fans on a breathtaking cliffhanger, SYNDUALITY Noir will return with all new episodes starting January 8. 

Set in the year 2242, part one of SYNDUALITY Noir stunned viewers with the disappearance of fan favorite characters Aoi Koga and Noir, only to double down on the shock factor with the exciting unveiling of a new Magus called Mystere at the end of the last episode. Powerful and skilled enough to best even Silver Storm, not much else is known about this dangerous new character.

Slated to return with new episodes on January 8, SYNDUALITY Noir part one followed a group of humans forced deep underground in the wake of a terrible catastrophe known as the “Tears of the New Moon” incident. After life in their underground city began to collapse, the humans were once again pushed to the surface, where a threat known as the Enders roamed, looking to kill any humans they discovered. With their lives at risk, groups of people came together to create tight-knit settlements in various locations on the surface, relying on unique energy sources to power them and keep them safe. But with resources ever-dwindling, a group of brave individuals known as Drifters ventured out into the open, battling the Enders and mining energy sources. 

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Stream part one of SYNDUALITY Noir now on Disney+ and begin streaming part two on Disney+ starting January 8.