Lazada Affiliate Program supporting growth of aspiring digital content creators

With Filipinos increasingly consuming content from online channels, a new realm of opportunities have also opened up for content creators to make a living in the digital space. This has sparked a boom in digital influencers, who are now able to leverage their creative talents and social reach to earn an income online.

Livestream has been rising in popularity among online content creators, who leverage their social media channels to provide their followers live recommendations on products they trust or discover. Supporting the growth of digital influencers and their evolving potential is Lazada, the leading eCommerce platform in the Philippines that recently launched the Lazada Ambassador Affiliate Program under its affiliate program, to empower regular consumers and aspiring online creators to further monetize their social reach, by promoting Lazada platform’s products on their social media platforms.

“We have seen swift adoption of eCommerce in the country, and this was accelerated during the period of the pandemic. As more Filipinos turn to online channels for content, we also want to support consumers and aspiring content creators, by providing them more opportunities to grow their following and build a career online. Through the Lazada Ambassador Affiliate Program, we want to groom more talent in the community and also contribute to the growth of our local economy.” says Neil Trinidad, Lazada Philippines Chief Marketing Officer. 

The affiliate marketing program has already supported seasoned digital influencers that have established an online presence in creating content to engage with their followers, while maintaining authenticity in their personal branding. By extending the Lazada Ambassador Affiliate Program to consumers, Lazada aims to support aspiring content creators in the community to generate an income while growing an online presence and building a connection with followers. 

During the recent launch event for the Lazada Ambassador Affiliate Program , established influencers and long-time Lazada affiliates talked about their journeys in becoming online content creators, how they have leveraged the affiliate marketing program, and advice they have for consumers aspiring to be content creators as part of the Lazada Ambassador Affiliate Program. Speakers included social media influencers Rei Germar, David Guison, Carlo Ople, and When in Manila’s Executive Editor KC Canlas.

Popular lifestyle vlogger Rei Germar shared that becoming a Lazada Ambassador through the affiliate program enabled her to gain a better understanding on whether her content resonated with her followers, and that it empowered her to make a living out of her passion for creating content. 

“I started my vlogging career in 2016 with make-up videos, and have already been recommending products to my viewers since. 4 years later, I was able to grow my two main social media platforms, Instagram and Youtube, and build a following who enjoy my content. Since joining the Lazada Ambassador Affiliate Program last October 2019, it has not only helped me generate extra income, but has also enabled me to better assess if my followers like the content I am producing and their trust in my recommendations,” says Rei. 

“I think this program benefits me as a creator, because it enables me to share products that I genuinely love to my followers,” says Rei. “It also empowers me to get to know my audience better as I see what products they’re interested in. As a Lazada Ambassador through the Affiliate Program, I also have endless options on products to check out, try and recommend to my followers.” 

Fashion blogger David Guison also shared that he had initial reservations about affiliate marketing programs. He had already successfully grown his following in his years of being active on the online space, and was comfortable with traditional income streams like advertisements and brand sponsorships. But as he dabbled with affiliate marketing, he discovered that he was able to build another income stream while generating a wider variety of content for his audience. 

“My feed is mostly a mix of travel and fashion, and I was already happy with the content that I was putting out. At the start, I didn’t know anything about affiliate marketing – how it works, or if I’d really make money out of it. But when I tried it out, I realized it was a great way to earn via a source of passive income. I make sure to integrate it seamlessly with my content, recommending products that suit my lifestyle needs and tastes,” says David. 

Digital marketing expert and industry veteran Carlo Ople thinks that the key to success in affiliate marketing starts with treating yourself as a start-up business. Through the Lazada Ambassador Affiliate Program, he was able to achieve a 7-figure income by leveraging various online social platforms. 

The Lazada Ambassador program has been lifechanging. We initially hit 5 digits in revenue just by using our existing platforms on social media. When we applied digital marketing strategies, we were able to grow our revenue from 5 to 7 digits in a span of a few months,” says Carlo. 

“Stop thinking like an influencer and start thinking like an entrepreneur; your content may work in some platforms and may not do well in others. The key is to try and see what works for you,” Carlo shares.

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