Learn how to safeguard mental health amid the pandemic with vivo, Frankie Pangilinan

Almost a year since the first outbreak of the coronavirus was announced, it has become clear that the situation brought about by the pandemic not only affects physical health, but mental health as well.

With isolation, loss of income, constant fear, and bereavement, mental health has become a serious issue this year alongside the pandemic. Unfortunately, due to continued restrictions and regulations, access to mental health services have been limited – leaving some to feel like they have to handle their issues on their own which, in turn, can worsen their conditions.

Thus, with the launch of the new V20 Series, vivo now invites millennials to #BeTheFocus by prioritizing their mental well-being as part of Mental Health Awareness Month. 

On Saturday, October 31, vivo will be going live with mental health advocate Frankie Pangilinan via the vivo Philippines Facebook page to discuss tips on safeguarding mental health especially at this time when many Filipinos are prone to stress, anxiety, and depression.

Frankie, a singer/songwriter and daughter of megastar Sharon Cuneta and Sen. Kiko Pangilinan, is widely known and visible on social media for her strong views and unfiltered opinions on current issues and trending topics which are highly-regarded by her millennials and Gen Z followers.

Through the live stream, vivo and Frankie will also formally introduce “Jovi”, the AI wellness assistant pre-installed in most vivo smartphones. While Jovi has been present for a while now, most vivo users are not aware of this feature and the full extent of its abilities.

Aside from these, Frankie will also discuss how self-expression, passion, and creativity can help facilitate overall mental wellness, and how the latest vivo V20 series can be the perfect tool to express one’s self and “Be the Focus”.

Tune in to the livestream this Saturday (Oct 31) via the vivo Philippines Facebook page. To learn more visit vivoglobal.ph