Level Up your Monitor Experience with Lenovo Q24i-1L

Nowadays, having a good monitor is a must. Whether for gaming, work presentation, or your movie marathon, a dependable monitor can help you do these activities hassle-free.

There are so many monitors on the market today, but only one monitor can level up your monitor experience, the new Lenovo Q24i-1L.

This slim-size screen monitor with a refresh rate of 75hz can help you boost your gaming experience.

This Lenovo monitor has an optimal display of 1920×1080 in a full high-definition display, so you won’t get any excuses for having a bad display issue or color rendering problem.

I used the new Lenovo Q24i-1L on playing game. The responsiveness of the display was smooth. Starting from the selection of character. I did not encounter any hiccups or pixel issue using the monitor. With the help of FreeSync feature of the monitor, it can boost the performance your graphics card.

There may be some of the color is too bright on some part of the monitor, mostly on center part that color is brightened too much for each object and effects rendered. It may affect some user or gamer who are sensitive to neon-like colors.

When it comes to lighting and gamma rendering of the monitor, I don’t quite like the result when I play final fantasy. Every action and angle view it seems hard to track the object and terrains. But thanks to the game mode option of this monitor, you can adjust it using the menu button on the lower right of this monitor. I explore and try to change and made some the lighting, color and used game mode option and it good for me.

All in all, the performance of the Lenovo Q24i-1L is highly recommended. Not just for gamers but also working at home or a relaxing movie marathon every weekends.

The new Lenovo Q24i-1L is a gem that everyone must have. The quality and the performance is truly world-class that can level up our gaming, working and watching experience.