LG Sets the Tone With Revolutionary TONE Free Earbuds

Working from home is a luxury for most but it presents its own share of challenges. Meetings are continuously interrupted by running children, crowing roosters, or even roadside vendors selling their wares. Even leisurely activities, such as exercising or gaming at home, suffers from distractions inherent at home. You can’t play music to work out to or play games in full blast when other people in the household are working, after all. Even if it’s your “me time”, you still have to be considerate of others. One of the most popular ways to minimize distractions, increase productivity, and reclaim your personal time is through the use of earbuds which can eliminate background noise. LG Electronics offers a compelling case in why its TONE Free line of earbuds is the best among the rest. 

Nowadays, safety and cleanliness is the most important factor in purchasing anything. LG TONE Free FN7 offers the state of the art UVnano technology that kills 99.9% of bacteria. Studies show that earbuds can contain a host of bacteria. The FN7’s UVnano charging cradle kills almost all bacteria in as little as 10 minutes while charging. LG TONE Free FN7 earbuds have comfortable, hypoallergenic medical-grade ear gels made from non-toxic, hypoallergenic silicone that allows you to have fewer worries about all-day use. 

The FN7 also offers Active Noise Cancellation to reduce urban noise. The more advanced LG TONE Free FN7 Active Noise Cancellation is engineered to reduce the high-frequency noise we encounter from day to day. Block out the busy street and enjoy your own private concert wherever you are. This technology is effective at reducing the high-frequency noises we hear in our everyday lives, like conversations, cafe chatter, office or home noise, roosters, and car horns. Freedom from these noises allows you to stay even more focused on your music and fully immerse yourself in authentic Meridian audio.

LG TONE Free FN4 on the other hand, features built-in, high-performance dual microphones for maximal call clarity. Echo Cancellation and Noise Reduction, which is engineered with the leading beamforming algorithm of LG TONE neckband series, detects and minimizes unwanted noise. And the lower microphone positioned at the end of the stem picks up and amplifies your voice even in a crowded space. You can use these to coordinate with your playgroup while gaming online, workout with your friends in spin class, or simply calling up your friends. Its flexibility is limitless.

Both LG TONE Free earbuds deliver clear and spatial audio made in collaboration with Meridian. No matter where you are, become completely immersed in whatever you listen to and forget you are wearing earbuds. Meridian’s Headphone Spatial Processing (HSP) overcomes the challenges of headphone listening such as their compact size and lack of ‘crosstalk’ between the left and right channels. HSP not only recreates a realistic soundstage that simulates the experience of listening to real loudspeakers, but it also delivers vocals with pristine clarity. This is a fresh listening experience helping you forget you’re wearing earbuds. A special EQ is also provided by Meridian to give you the best sound for all types of music.​ As well as the standard Immersive mode, you can choose three other presets enhanced with Meridian Headphone Spatial Processing (HSP).

The two TONE Free models are IPX4-rated, meaning they are resistant to water splashes from any direction, so you can keep listening rain or shine. Battery life is also top-notch. For the FN7, enjoy a total of 21 hours of battery life. Up to 7 hours of playback in the earbuds turned on and an extra 14 hours in the cradle — all from one charge. ​ The FN4 gives you a total of 18 hours – 6 hours of playback in the earbuds and an extra 12 hours in the cradle.

​Download the LG TONE Free App to maximize your earbuds. It offers a lot of amazing features. For instance, you can easily locate your missing earbuds that will beep sound when you press play in the Find My Earbuds page. It also has automatic ear detection. The earbuds sense when they’re in your ears then immediately pair with your phone, and automatically pause music when you take them out. The App also lets you personalize the sound to suit your taste. You can add new levels of enjoyment to your music with four Meridian EQ presets and two customizable EQ modes. Boost or diminish specific frequencies to personalize all music just how you like it.

Both LG TONE Free earbuds are already available locally in LG’s official flagship store in Lazada and Shopee. As an introductory offer, LG will be having a pre-order promo to offer the wireless earbuds at a sizable discount from March 8-19. The white TONE Free FN7 will be priced at P5,990 from P7,990, while the black TONE Free FN4 be priced P4,390 from P5,490. You can preorder the FN7 for just P990 and the FN4 for P590.

Catch the LG TONE Free earbuds in action in the Wish Live Concert on Wish 107.5 Youtube channel and LG’s official Facebook page happening on March 7, Sunday at 7:00PM and stay tuned for upcoming promos this March as LG will be giving away huge discounts and deals perfect for your taste.