Living the star life at SMDC’s Grace Residences

For a young star, living a life of convenience is a must. Schedules can be hectic, and finding time to rest seems impossible at times. But for this young actor, living the life of a star is all possible because of SM Development Corporation (SMDC).

“Everyone here is excited and willing to help! Whether it be a weekend market, a blood donation program, or a medical caravan, SMDC makes sure that we get to learn life skills that are essential in thriving in this world.” – Eurwin Canzana of Grace Residences

 “I’ve been living here at SMDC since 2018  and it was all because of my dad. Since he’s in real estate, he knew which condo properties to purchase in the metro. We have one here at Grace Residences and another unit at Shell Residences. Living here was a decision influenced by him, but I guess the saying ‘Dads know best’ is true because he made the right choice for me,” said actor and model Eurwin Canzana.

Since he joined Starstruck Season 7 in 2019, Eurwin has done a lot of commercials, hosting gigs, and TV series that made him busy pre-pandemic. 

“I was discovered when I won the Mr. Mapua 2018. And since then, I’ve worked my way up to become a star. I wanted to be a doctor, but I guess this is God’s plan for me,” shared Eurwin.

Actor and model Eurwin Canzana says SMDC helps him reach his goals, thanks to the convenience and accessibility it provides him. “I can easily go where my shoot is, whether it’s in Makati or anywhere in the metro.”

While he’s been busy shooting for commercials and series, Eurwin finds his respite at home, as he’s able to  unwind amongst verdant settings provided by SMDC’s Grace Residences. 

“I’m very satisfied and happy living here at SMDC. The amenities allow me to take care of my total well-being. If I want to go to the gym, we have our very own fitness center, and an Anytime Fitness. If I need to prepare for my shoot, David’s Salon is within arm’s reach. If I need to buy my essentials, there’s Alfamart and the Grace Mall where I can shop. And if I just need to find rest, the gardens and pools are there to help me rejuvenate,” said the 20-year-old artist. 

Life in the entertainment industry can be exhausting, with all the shoots, guestings, and meetings. SMDC’s Grace Residences in Taguig has amenities that allow one to rest and relax without having to leave the Metro.

SMDC’s Grace Residences is a suburban sanctuary in Taguig City that affords this young star a life of comfort and luxury. It is close to top schools, hospitals, malls, and other institutions—convenience at its finest. The development delivers on SMDC’s promise of five-star living, where residents enjoy the luxury of living in a key location.

“As an artist, SMDC helps me to reach my goals because of the convenience and accessibility it provides me. I can easily go to where my shoots are, whether it’s in Makati or anywhere in the metro. And another thing, security is something that I value as I live alone,” he added.

Life has been very convenient at Grace Residences, said Eurwin. Besides the amenities, location, and security the premier residential development provides, he mentioned that what he loves most about SMDC is its people.The hotel-like lobby of SMDC’s Grace Residences exudes elegance and sophistication, offering a show-stopping entrance that is perfect for the stars.

“I love our community here. Our neighbors are friendly and the people working here—the property custodians, the guards, and the desk officers—are welcoming and warm. They’d greet you every time they see you, and small things like that matter to me,” Eurwin narrated.

His surroundings also helped him grow as a person. “Ever since I’ve lived in Grace Residences, I’ve learned how to be independent. I’ve learned how to maximize my surroundings and how to budget my own money.”

Nothing is comparable to the finesse Grace Residences brings. Its residential units are well-planned and precisely executed, with sports and recreational amenities allowing residents to live an active and healthy lifestyle. SMDC’s Grace Residences truly embodies luxurious and elegant living.

“Without a doubt, I am living the star life here at Grace Residences,” closed Eurwin.

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