Macao Imperial Tea opens its doors

Craving for your favorite Milk tea during this lockdown? No need to worry, Macao Imperial Tea is opening some of its branches to satisfy your cravings.  Your favorite milk tea is now ready to bring smile right in you door steps.

Below are the list of the branches near you.

Macao Imperial Tea branches

Macao Imperial Tea more branches opens


But before you call or send messages for your orders, Just a reminder.

Macao Imperial Tea Reminder


Don’t be sad if your area is under strict implementation of Enhanced Community Quarantine because our friendly and reliable delivery riders are here to deliver your cravings.

Macao Imperial Tea Lala Food Macao Imperial Tea Food Panda Macao Imperial Tea Grab Food

What are you waiting for, order your favorite Macao Imperial Milk Tea now and don’t let the sadness of lockdown takes you down. Enjoy your favorite milk tea today with your family, friends or love ones. You can even share it with our frontliners. Remember stay at home and together we will rise up again.