Malayan Science mounts webinars, talks to help online students

Malayan High School of Science will mount monthly webinars and direct conversations with students to safeguard their emotional and mental well-being while learning remotely.

Starting October, there will be webinars and talks that focus on the healthy balance of mental, social/emotional, and physical well-being, as well as on building self-confidence as an essential part of achieving success.

Malayan Science aims to help students attain effective coping skills when faced with problems, as well as develop the ability to manage transitions and adapt to changing situations and responsibilities.

“The uncertainty of learning in a new environment brings heightened stress to students,” guidance counselor Alyssa Claire T. Firmalo said. 

Firmalo pointed out that both students and parents can participate in the webinars and talks, as all should work together to ensure a balanced and enjoyable remote learning experience.

Malayan Science’s Center for Guidance and Counseling will continue to provide online personality and intelligence quotient (IQ) tests, routine interviews, and post weekly on their digital platforms about self-care tips.

Last summer, a series of online tests, worksheets, and surveys were distributed to students to help the Center for Guidance and Counseling get a better understanding of how it can support the mental health of students during this time of pandemic.

Malayan Science also provided reading materials and FAQs on coping skills through its learning management system, the Cardinal Edge.

All information retrieved by the Center for Guidance and Counseling is kept in strict confidentiality.

Students or parents who would like to schedule an appointment with the Center for Guidance and Counseling may email or call 5310-0612.