Malayan Science ready for fully online School Year 2020-2021

Malayan High School of Science has adopted its mother school Mapúa University’s advancements in terms of expertise and resources to deliver fully online lectures in the School Year 2020-2021.

The school has declared that it will deliver fully online classes for the entire school year in adherence to the Department of Education’s Learning Continuity Plan, keeping its faculty and students’ health and safety a top priority amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Malayan Science will maximize the utilization of its learning management system (LMS), to give its students the opportunity to continue learning remotely at the safety and comfort of their homes.

MHSS’ experience of carrying out digital education in the past years has made the pivot to fully online delivery easier for Malayan Science, which is also known to pioneer the massive implementation of online classes in basic education in the Philippines.

“At Malayan Science, both teachers and learners are used to utilizing and managing our LMS. Compared to other junior high schools that are just beginning to shift to remote learning, less adjustments will be done by our teachers and learners,” said Principal Emmillie Joy B. Mejia. “We have tested the functionalities of our LMS during online summer enhancement programs and when Digital Days were implemented.”

Digital Day is an alternative to on-campus discussions observed by the school in the event of sudden class suspensions due to unforeseen situations such as floodings, rallies, natural calamities, and international events. This innovation ensures learning continuity among students.

Different digital tools and resources as well as simulations for each subject will be adopted in the coming school year. Malayan Science will use the video conferencing tool Panopto, which can record lectures to serve as additional review materials; the website Khan Academy, which is a collection of lessons in the form of videos and supplementary materials for teachers; the PhET Interactive Simulations site, which contains Science and Math lecture demonstrations and laboratory activities conducted by scientists and experts; and the software MATLAB used for technical computing that integrates visualization and programming. Pre-recorded lecture videos will also be made to continuously cover student laboratory activities, one of the major challenges of most institutions during the sudden shift. Malayan Science will also be launching an e-library where all digital reading resources will be uploaded.

Furthermore, faculty members of Malayan Science have also attended various webinars discussing adjustments with regards to learning competencies in the new normal. These will help them upgrade their expertise on the new framework and to effectively deliver the online classes to their students.