NOBITA chronicles the path towards healing in new hugot anthem “Paano Uusad”

With over 240 million streams on all digital music platforms combined, NOBITA has established themselves as one of the most prominent breakthrough bands of the last two years. Their most notable smashes “Ikaw Lang” and “Unang Sayaw” have maintained a cultural foothold with its encapsulation of this generation’s unique experiences when it comes to romantic love—young or otherwise.

Fast forward to 2022, the five-piece act is back with another hugot anthem that successfully turns grief and loss into another potential hit. Chronicling the path towards healing, NOBITA’s new single “Paano Uusad” captures someone’s inability to move on after witnessing the tragic demise of a loved one.

According to the band, the song was inspired by an OPM icon who took away his life due to depression. “It’s all about the people who keep wondering why they were left behind by someone dear to them.” NOBITA adds, “Jae got enticed to write a song while watching the livestream of the late icon’s wife, struggling to put into words how it feels to cope with the loss of a special someone.”

Weaving a melodic pop-rock sound with bluesy riffs and tasteful guitar solos, “Paano Uusad” improves the band’s familiar sonic template in a way that doesn’t overwhelm its listeners. How they process heartbreak in “Paano Uusad” is interesting as far as delivery is concerned: it’s straightforward, but done with emotional honesty. 

The track is accompanied by the release of a music video directed by John Selirio, who has worked with the band on their previous single “Ikaw Lang.” Selirio emphasizes that the visual narrative offers a portrait of someone grieving and trying so hard to make sense of the shifting emotional state. 

“The concept has something to do with the 5 stages of grief,” the filmmaker shares. “The song itself defines how to move on and how to get out of the situation—from crying to acceptance stage. I want to capture that vibe in its intimate form possible.”

NOBITA’s “Paano Uusad” is out now via Sony Music Entertainment. Watch the music video here.