#PiliPinasForum2022: Final Stretch Before #Halalan2022  generated 7.1M Tweets Globally

#PiliPinasForum2022: Final Stretch Before #Halalan2022 generated 7.1M Tweets Globally

Filipinos gave their all to convey support to their favored candidates for the final COMELEC (@COMELEC) presidential and vice-presidential forums. Before the Philippine election day slated on 9 May, a series of panel interviews with the candidates was seen as a last hurrah to share their plans. On Twitter, more than 7.1 million Tweets related to the forum were generated globally (3 May, 12AM PHT – 6 May, 12PM PHT 2022).

The #PiliPinasForum2022 included various topics to be answered by the presidential and vice-presidential candidates. The candidates shared their insights on topics such as: education, COVID-19, food security, OFWs, economy, and foreign policy among others. The conversation peaked around 11:00 am – 12:00 pm on 6 May with almost 100,000 Tweets during Manny Pacquiao’s panel interview.

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Filipinos actively participated in conversations about the debate with their opinions and reactions on Twitter. Among the top hashtags from the interviews were #Covid19#Halalan2022#LeniKiko2022,  #PHVote, and #WeDecide (in alphabetical order).

Filipinos on Twitter also showed their support for their preferred presidential and vice-presidential candidates through emojis. Here are the top emojis Filipinos used on Twitter during the #PiliPinasForum2022.

From a supposed town hall debate format to a forum format, COMELEC (@COMELEC) has given the presidential and vice-presidential candidates a more focused platform with a panel interviewing them on the Philippine’s issues and giving them the chance to answer on how they would resolve them. From their views and opinions to taking jabs at the spur of the moment happenings, here are some of the most engaged Tweets during the last #PiliPinasForum2022.

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Twitter launches new voter education initiatives, a first in the Philippines.  

In a continued effort to protect the integrity of the elections and to safeguard the public conversation, Twitter launched a new initiative in partnership with COMELEC and Plan International Philippines, coordinator of #HIJAlalan2022. First in the Philippines, this initiative strengthens current efforts to bring reliable and relevant information for voters.

As of today, voters can now like (or heart) this Tweet via the @TwitterPH handle to receive the latest and most accurate information from COMELEC on the elections. The like-to subscribe feature enables personal notifications leading up to the day of the elections, facilitating access to authoritative sources of information.

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Additionally; in partnership with Plan International Philippines as the coordinator of #HIJAlalan2022, Twitter rolled out a quiz to educate voters on the girls’ electoral agenda. The voter education quiz aims to highlight girls’ issues and general voters’ concerns.

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