Planting Seed of Health For Your Bright Tomorrow.

Planting Seed of Health For Your Bright Tomorrow.

Health is Wealth. Those three words stuck in my mind during the recently concluded SunTalks session with the topic Unlock Your Health Goals.

Many people are still afraid or hesitant to know more about insurance. One of them is me but not for long. During the session. I learned that getting insured is no longer a necessity but a need. Need to be ready to whatever comes along the way while we enjoy our life.

While listening to the story of Ms. Francesca Tolentino, I remember the time I’ve encountered the same fate.

Last February 2021, an unexpected challenge came. I’ve got stones inside my gall bladder. It may not be that complicated but to some but in my case, it became life threatening. My skin turned yellow, and one sneeze and my gall bladder will explode, and will create more complications.

I have no savings, my company where I worked doesn’t provide any HMO ,and I don’t have insurance. The operation went well after paying a downpayment but the bill of my stay in the hospital is not yet over.

After 5 days, I am ready to go home and the total bill of my stay is almost half a million pesos. Thank God that we managed to clear our debt.

With that situation and the story of Ms. Francesca, It made me realized that anything can happen in a blink of an eye. It can consume your emotions, your strength and your wallet.

Good thing that its not to late. I can still be ready. I can still prepare for the unexpected circumstances that may occur. All I need to do is find a partner in life that can help me be ready, emotionally and financially and Sunlife has a lot of options that you can based on what suits your needs.

I learned that being insured is not just a luxury that only rich people can have. It is for everybody. Being covered and protected from harmful health situation is not dangerous, but being unprepared is.

During the Sun Talks, I also learned that being covered is not expensive. a small cut from your budget can go a long way. It will not just you that will have a peace of mind but also the people around you that are willing to save you.

In the end of the Sunlife Talk, I realized that I’ve invested to so many thing like gadgets, travels, clothings but that help it can give me when it comes to health is limited. But if I start investing in my health, I can earn more time to spend what really matters most. Family, friends, and work. And I will have the opportunity to spread the word that health is wealth cover it, protect it, enrich it with the best partner you will find under the Sun.

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