Scaling the use of eco-conscious materials in Samsung Galaxy S23 series accessories

Galaxy Accessories Designed With the Planet in Mind

At Samsung, we are harnessing the power of technology to enable people to make small, everyday changes that can add up to meaningful, positive impact for the planet under our corporate sustainability vision, Everyday Sustainability. With each product we create, we are in the business of trying to make the technology that many of us enjoy do more with less of an impact on the environment.

As part of our commitment, the Samsung Mobile eXperience (MX) Business is working to incorporate recycled materials in all mobile products by 2025. We have made significant strides in our journey to achieve this goal with the Galaxy S23 series, which features a wider variety of recycled materials than any other Galaxy smartphone, including pre-consumer recycled glass and aluminum and post-consumer recycled plastics, which are sourced from discarded fishing nets, water barrels and PET bottles. Compared to its previous generation, the Galaxy S23 Ultra has also doubled the number of components made with recycled materials and expanded their presence to external components, not just internal components. 

Now, we are taking another step forward in our journey by applying eco-conscious materials to all eight styles of smartphone cases for the Galaxy S23 series, in addition to the Screen Protector that provides added protection to the smartphone’s screen.

Check out three smartphone cases for the Galaxy S23 series, designed with style and the planet in mind.

 * All cases sold separately.

Silicone Grip Case

The Silicone Grip Case for the Galaxy S23 series integrates a range of post-consumer recycled plastics, promoting improved resource circularity in Samsung’s design and production processes.

The inner frame is made with a material consisting of a minimum of 20% post-consumer recycled plastic sourced from discarded water barrels, and the interior of the case has recycled microfiber, which is made with a minimum of 29% recycled PET plastics.

Each Silicone Grip Case comes with a strap that uses fabric consisting of 86% recycled PET plastics. To create the strap material, PET bottles are melted down and repurposed to form a flexible and durable yarn.

Smart View Wallet Case

Known for its convenience, the Smart View Wallet Case for the Galaxy S23 series allows users to easily access their device’s interactive display without opening the cover. With a simple tap to the display window, Galaxy users can answer a call or play music. 

But the Smart View Wallet Case is more than convenient, it is designed with eco-conscious materials. The outer cover is constructed with a material that has a minimum of 21% bio-based content. The inner frame, similarly, uses a material with a minimum of 20% post-consumer recycled plastics, while the interior of the case is made with recycled microfibers containing a minimum of 29% recycled PET plastics. 

Rugged Gadget Case

The Rugged Gadget Case for the Galaxy S23 series is built to last, with a sturdy design and comfortable grip. It protects the device against bumps, drops and scratches. This heavy-duty case has been drop-tested to meet military-grade standards

The case’s enhanced protection is supported by recycled materials, demonstrating that improved durability should not come at a cost to eco-conscious material innovation. The outer frame incorporates a material containing a minimum of 37% bio-based content.

  * Each case contains eco-conscious materials such as recycled plastics or bio-based contents, which have been validated by UL.

A Continued Commitment to Sustainability

Galaxy technology and its accessories have always been created to bring convenience, joy and style. Over the last decade, Samsung has strived to make sustainability an essential part of that equation. 

These smartphone cases are only one small step in our sustainability journey. Our journey is ongoing and always evolving. Samsung will continue to scale our efforts and join forces with like-minded partners to enable every Galaxy user to embed sustainability into their daily lives.

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