Schoolteacher thrives on fast, reliable Fibr

Fifty-five-year-old Helen Dichoso has always felt the need for a reliable connectivity to keep up with online learning, counting on social media to confer with her fellow schoolteachers, and engage her students and their parents.

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck in 2020, her connectivity need intensified considerably.  She had to rely more heavily on her digital connectivity to do research, attend virtual seminars and trainings for the blended learning strategy prescribed by the Department of Education. “A reliable internet connection is really indispensable, especially in these pandemic times when teachers are often required to attend virtual seminars and trainings to acquaint us and keep us updated on the new teaching modules and strategies,” Dichoso explained.

She is glad to have switched to PLDT Home Fibr from another internet provider which she says was largely inefficient. “PLDT Home Fibr is really fast and reliable. Whenever there are network problems, PLDT immediately sends us advisories via text message, so we are informed and schedule our online activities accordingly. PLDT’s fiber connectivity empowers me to perform my professional duties well and enables me to pursue hobbies after work, like watching movies on Netflix, and connecting with friends and relatives on social media. It’s a great enabler, making my life more convenient and more fulfilling, despite the challenges of the pandemic.”

She couldn’t be farther from the truth. During the recent PLDT first quarter financial results briefing, Al Panlilio, PLDT Chief Revenue Officer and Smart President/CEO, said, “In the face of unprecedented changes brought about by the pandemic, being a telco means we are well-positioned to address the needs of our customers.”

“We are not simply a utility that provides our customers with connectivity for work or school,  we are also helping them thrive in this pandemic by responding to their need to be entertained and to care for their overall well-being,” Panlilio said.

PLDT Home grew by 19% in the first quarter of 2021, increasing its total service revenues to P10.9 billion, as the company continues to connect and empower more customers like Teacher Helen.

Overcoming recent COVID-19 mobility restrictions, PLDT Home has continued to roll out its fiber-to-the-home facilities nationwide.

PLDT Home’s number of installations and upgrades reached 129,000 as of end of first quarter 2021, as the Company continued to focus on improving customer service capabilities, with repair tickets, on average, now getting resolved within 48 hours. To further improve its services,  PLDT aims to bring these 48 hours down to an average of within 24 hours.

As part of its commitment to improve on customer experience and provide better broadband services to its customers,  PLDT Home has been migrating copper-based connections to fiber for free. It seeks to upgrade majority of customers by the end of 2021.