Shake Shack Takes The Stage at Araneta City

Good food and good company are two of the best things in the world. Pair this with the thrill of watching an exhilarating game or vibing to your favorite singer in the world and a core memory is born. Indulge in your favorite Shake Shake offerings right at the heart of the action: Gateway 2, Araneta City.  Celebrating togetherness, team spirit, biases, diversity, and inclusivity; exciting discounts, treats, and a lot more surprises await on the opening of its store.  

Araneta City (formerly Araneta Center) has pioneered the commercial district concept. It is the first and biggest clear-span dome in the country, hosting many first Philippine shows for both international and local acts. Shake Shack now joins the company of the City of Firsts, opening its first stadium shack! 

As a community gathering place, Shake Shack connects with its community through premium, innovative, and delicious food, uplifting stories, and rewarding experiences. It Stands for Something Good, with enlightened hospitality and genuine care for our team members and guests, making sure to responsibly source its ingredients from partner farmers, ranchers, food artisans and purveyors. 

The newest branch of Shake Shack celebrates creativity, history, and the different kinds of people who have come, and are coming together at Quezon City’s iconic site. 

Shake Shack Araneta by Bitto 

This vision comes to life through a collaboration with Bitto, an artist and muralist hailing from Quezon City. His paintings feature a recurring cast of characters captured in encapsulated moments, offering intimate and familiar snapshots of everyday life. These artworks focus on seemingly incidental circumstances and quieter experiences of daily life. With this signature theme in mind, Bitto has exclusively crafted a mural for Shake Shack Araneta, showcasing vibrant color palettes, depicting characters and scenes that encapsulate the essence of music, movement, excitement, celebration, and local historical milestones that invites visitors to experience the energy at the newest Shack.

Bitto’s works draw inspiration from nature, love for textiles, Japanese fashion magazines, patterns, hand painted signage and ephemeral graphics. There is also a sense of color, heavily influenced by the experience with streetwear and spray paint. The artist has participated in exhibitions and collaborations from clients around the world.

Stadium Exclusive Offers

Exclusively at Shake Shack Araneta, we’ve got just the fix for those craving their Shack OG favorites with a side of convenience. Say hello to the quick pick-me-ups that are all about satisfying your cravings in a snap. Indulge in the unbeatable combo of the Classic Shack (P585), featuring the iconic Shack Burger, a side of Fries, and a refreshing 16oz Lemonade. And if a cheesy indulgence is what you’re after, go for the Hotdiggity Shack (P575) – a Cheese Dog paired with those irresistible crinkle-cut Fries and a chilled 16oz Lemonade.


Plus, dive into the sweet delight of The Shackdown (P265) – frozen vanilla custard hand spun with Oreo and chocolate chip cookies, topped with cookie crumbles and sprinkles. Hold onto your hunger, because these exclusive offers are available for this stadium Shack, ensuring you get that instant flavor fix when you need it most. It’s the perfect way to recharge and savor your Shack favorites without missing a beat of the action.

Unleash your inner team spirit while immersing yourself in sports and competitions, let K-pop lightsticks aglow as you listen to K-faves and watch music videos, or simply connect with family and friends – all while savoring your Shack favorites at Shake Shack Araneta!