Shop Safely with Santi at SM Supermalls

After one year, many people are still worried to go out and roam around because of the pandemic. But you don’t feel the same way because SM Supermalls made sure that every day is sanitation day with Santi, the Sanitation Robot. 

Santi is in full gear to sanitize to make sure that all shoppers are safe from different viruses like Covid-19. 

Santi is programmed to disinfect his surrounding with the use of his misting power. Santi releases smoke like disinfectant, VirusDoc. 

It is FDA approved, 100% Hypoallergenic, non-toxic and non-corrosive. It is also Anti-Viral and Anti-Bacterial.  

Santi’s disinfection prowess can kill 99.9% of germs and viruses fast. Apart from Santi, there are SM Supermalls staff that will continuously disinfect areas of the mall to secure the cleanliness of the mall and the safety of the customers, staff and tenants. 

Santi is the brother of SAM, the first humanoid robot who gives shoppers an easier way to explore SM Malls with accurate and helpful information about directions, events and even promos. 

Just like SAM, Santi can also interact. He can welcome you with a sweet greeting as you enter the mall and he has a face recognition feature too.

You can meet and greet Santi at SM Megmall and SM Aura and in more SM malls soon.

Sam and Santi are here to keep #SafeMallingAtSM campaign not just safe and clean but also fun and interactive. 

For more information on #SafeMallingAtSM program, visit or check your favorite SM Mall on FB, IG and Twitter.