Slim is the new Powerful with vivo Y02s

Slim is the new Powerful with vivo Y02s

Nowadays, people are excited to explore the world again. After 2 years of being contained inside our homes, we are now ready to see the changes that happened during our rest. But is the world the only one that made some changes? Better guess again.

The world of smartphones is also starting to go through changes and upgrades, the question is, are we ready to welcome these changes? The answer is yes. 

We Filipinos are always hungry for something new, something that can tickle our creativity and enhance our imagination. Good thing that vivo, the leading smartphone brand is giving us the power to explore more, see more, and do more. 

The new vivo Y02s, the slim yet powerful mobile phone is the newest addition to the Y family series of vivo is all we need to be ready in our everyday activities and create memories crystal clear. 

Slim and Sleek Yet Packed.

vivo Y02s is packed with reliable features that are designed to deliver provide powerful performance that we can use every day. Weighing 186 g and 8mm thick, vivo Y02s is easy to carry anywhere without the feeling of heaviness like a regular smartphone. 

Packed with a 5000mAh battery, vivo Y02s can assure you that you will always be on the go without worrying about having a low battery issue. With one full charge, you can enjoy your favorite videos on Youtube, K-Drama Series via Netflix, and enjoying soothing music on Spotify. 

I used my vivo Y02s during my local travel and I can say that vivo Y02s did not let me down. I started using it at 7 am and finished my tour at 8 pm. To my surprise, vivo Y02 still has a battery life of about 25%

It is comfortable to use and carry around, especially if I am always on the move. vivo Y02s did not fail my expectations. It delivers the perfect shot that I need for my coverage.

Lights, Camera, Capture!

The new vivo Y02s’ camera is very dependable. With its 8MP rear camera, You will not experience a hard time adjusting the lights and the settings for you to capture clear photos. While the front camera with 5MP is perfect for your selfie or group selfie.

Even in the dark, you can capture a wonderful photo as the vivo Y02s is equipped with a soft band of light that will turn on automatically to help you take that perfect selfie. 

Whenever I travel, there are times that we will explore at night and I’ve tried taking groufie with my friends while doing the journey, and I never had a hard time adjusting the lights or finding a perfect spot. Thanks to the innovation of having an available light from vivo Y02s

Perfection comes in Slim sizes.  

The vivo Y02s were made perfectly for you. Upgrades like Fun Touch OS that gives you smooth functionality, MediaTek helio P35 which is responsible for giving you a strong, fewer lags, and consistent performance whenever you’re watching a series or playing your favorite online game, and Multi Turbo 5.5 that makes your experience powerful and worthy, are some of the additional features that you will find in vivo Y02s that will make everyday usage a powerful experience. 

vivo Y02s may be slim but looks can be deceiving. These innovations from vivo are perfect for everyone who is always on the go. With powerful battery performance, trendy designs, and a huge full-view display of 6’51 HD, there is denying that this is the smartphone for you. 

vivo Y02 comes in 2 hip and classy colors, the Flourite Black and Vibrant Blue. These colors are specifically chosen to represent your creativity and fun attitude that resonates through your photos. 

The good news about it, with all these world-class functions and features, you can get the vivo Y02s for only Php 6,499. 

To know more about vivo Y02s. you can visit vivo’s official FacebookInstagramTwitter and YouTube channels. Follow vivo on its social media channels and watch out for their upcoming promos and updates. You may also visit their flagship stores at Shoppe and Lazada pages 


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