Staying Fit and Healthy in the New Normal.

During this trying time, it’s very challenging to keep ourselves focused on maintaining our body fit and healthy because of stress, overthinking and lack of time. We should not let our body give up. We should take care of our body, especially if we have an existing illness like hypertension or diabetes.  

Here are some tips that can help us keep our body healthy and fit. 

Eat Well, Live Well.

Be mindful of what you are eating. Vegetables and Fruits are full of vitamins that can help our body perform its duty in our everyday routine. 

Let’s avoid fatty food and too much sweet food because it can lead to so many illnesses. 

Make sure that you will have fruits and vegetables included in your meal. If you have a complete and balanced meal, you will feel energized, focused and alert at work or in online classes. 

Drink your water, Always.

It is summertime, the season that we need to be hydrated the most every day. Water is like our elixir. It can help us avoid many illnesses that can stop us from doing things and be open for the virus to attack us.

8-12 glasses of water a day is the recommended water intake that we need to drink to make sure that our body is hydrated. 

Exercise is the Key

Gyms are currently closed. You cannot go out and jog. You don’t have the equipment to do some exercises. You don’t need to worry because you can do simple exercises to keep your body fit.

Walking in your garage or inside your house can every day is a big help. Walking up and down using your stairs for at least 5-10 mins is also good. Simple floor exercises that you can watch on youtube can make changes as well. You have the free equipment. All you need to do is read the manuals. 

Don’t Wake Up Your Illness.

Some of us have existing illnesses that can make us vulnerable to

get the virus. But, with the help of our tools like maintenance medicine for high blood, proper diet for overweight and milk drink like Glucerna for diabetics can help us maintain our comorbidities in a “sleeping mode”. 

Glucerna is a formulated powder milk designed to help diabetic people manage their health. It has a Pro-Insulin System, a scientifically formulated blend of activated carbohydrates and healthy fatty acids that work in your digestive tract to help stimulate the release of hormones that promote your body’s natural insulin production.

Glucerna can also be used as a meal replacement or be part of every dietary meal plan for people who has diabetes. It’s proven that Glucerna can help the body of a diabetic person to produce insulin naturally for better blood sugar control. 

Glucerna is available in tetra pack and can. Visit Shopee and see the deals available for Glucerna and other products of Abbott or click this link to find out more about Glucerna.

Start living healthy, fit and energize. We should always take care of ourselves every day. Start making smart choices that can lead us to a more liveable environment and a healthy body and mind. 

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