SunLife Asset Management Company, Inc. (SLAMCI) is marking its 20th anniversary with the milestone of breaching Php 94 Billion in assets under management (AUM), as of end-June 2020, strengthening its suite of multi-awarded mutual funds collectively called Sun Life Prosperity Funds. 

 The AUM breach took place amid the current challenges in the market, which saw declines following the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

 “We see this as a vote of confidence from our clients, and we thank them for their continued trust,” SLAMCI President Valerie Pama said. “As we mark two decades of being our clients’ partner for prosperity, we are inspired to continue innovating so we may offer products and services relevant to their needs.”

 Enhanced Digital Solutions

 According to Pama, SLAMCI aims to continue its digital transformation, which proved to be valuable especially when the COVID-19 pandemic struck the country. SLAMCI was among the few financial services companies that remained operational during quarantine, allowing it to continuously serve its clients’ needs while in the safety of their homes. 

 For instance, those who wished to add to their investments were able to use the Bills Payment Program, while the My Sun Life Client Portal and Sun Life PH Mobile App allowed them to add to or redeem from their chosen Fund. Electronic Statements of Account were also made available on the My Sun Life Client Portal so clients may monitor their investments while webinars were held to keep clients informed about the state of the market and how they can manage their investments in these unprecedented times. 

 This coming July 22, 2020, SLAMCI will mark another first as it holds its Annual Shareholders Meeting via Zoom. 

Enriched Financial Literacy Advocacy

 With the importance of being financially secure coming to light in the current situation, SLAMCI aims to further enlighten Filipinos on how investing in mutual funds can help them grow their hard-earned money so they can achieve their long-term financial goals. 

 SLAMCI is especially encouraged by the growing number of young investors. Millennials (20 to 35 years old) now make up 31% of its clients, closely following Gen X-ers (36 to 55 years old) which comprise majority of SLAMCI’s clients at 47%.  

 “This is a good indicator that we are raising a more financially-prepared generation,” Pama said. “With this, we are inspired to continue with our financial literacy efforts such as webinars and special information campaigns.” 

 Bright Partnerships, Brighter Futures 

 Today, SLAMCI remains the largest non-bank asset management company in the Philippines, managing a total of 16 funds and catering to 160,000 investors with the help of 2,500 financial advisors. As the company marks its 20th anniversary, it looks forward to serving Filipinos for the next 20 years and beyond and offering a wider variety of wealth solutions, innovative tools, and excellent service.

“It has been a fruitful two decades of bright partnerships with the Filipinos, and we thank those who made it happen. It would be our honor to fulfill this purpose for more years to come,” Pama said. “Rest assured that we will remain at their side most especially in these trying times, so we can help them rise above the challenges and look forward to a brighter, more prosperous future.”