Taking their passion to the next level Sid Maderazo, Megan Young, Big Boy Cheng rave about the Samsung Neo QLED 8K TV

For Samsung ambassadors Sid Maderazo, Megan Young, and Big Boy Cheng, achieving what they have in their careers took hard work and creativity. Small wonder then that they opt for a device which can further elevate their respective passion points.

This is why Samsung launched the next evolution of its Global #1 TV: the Neo QLED 8K TV. Known for its Quantum Matrix Technology with Mini LED, it delivers next-level detail and superior brightness.

There are many ways people can enjoy the Neo QLED TV in their homes. Here’s how Sid, Megan, and Big Boy make use of its wide range of features.

“Gold standard in filmmaking”

Director Sid Maderazo is no stranger to refined visuals and shooting in the best quality possible for his projects. For him, the Neo QLED TV’s 8K resolution is “the gold standard in filmmaking,” and its AI Upscaling can elevate any media’s picture to 8K as well.

“My craft is all about the details – from the colors you see to the sounds you hear. The clarity is just a whole different level. Experiencing such details on the Neo QLED TV is empowering to me as a filmmaker,” Sid Maderazo said.

Aside from the visual aspect, the Neo QLED 8K TV has built-in Dolby Atmos Surround Sound for a truly cinematic experience. In addition, with paired with a Q-Soundbar, TV and Soundbar work together to play audio harmoniously at the same time for even richer sound quality thanks to Samsung’s Q-Symphony feature. 

“I’m pretty sure the kids will want to watch movies [on the Neo QLED TV]. No matter what film you want to view, whether it be horror, drama, or action, I think the sound quality supplements the visual clarity,” said Sid Maderazo.

Competitive edge for the gamer

Playing games can get pretty intense, and avid gamers like beauty queen Megan Young value immersion to get in the zone. “You really feel like you’re in the game when you have good visuals and surround sound,” Megan explained. “There are some games where sound is so important because you need to know if yung kalaban mo nandiyan lang sa katabi. When it comes to the visuals, kailangan makita mo rin yung movement.”

Megan shared that the similarity between competing in Miss World and playing games is the determination to win. For the latter, it’s important to have a device like the Neo QLED TV that can get her to first place. With Gamebar 2.0, this built-in platform lets users instantly adjust settings, such as input lag, FPS (frames per second), screen position, and more for optimal gaming. Super Ultrawide GameView also lets them customize the aspect ratio to give greater field of vision, so they can see more of their virtual surroundings. 

For the best performance, Motion Xcelerator Turbo+ provides 120Hz refresh rate on both 4K and 8K TVs. This ensures that the screen doesn’t lag or stutter, guaranteeing smooth gameplay and giving users the competitive edge they need to win.

Whether one is playing on a PC or console, Megan swears by the Neo QLED TV’s ability to bring games to life on the screen. “Gaming is all about the details – being able to see the fine details… and the new Neo QLED TV makes the whole experience greater for me,” she said.

Multitasking at its best

As an art collector, businessman, and content creator, Big Boy Cheng is used to attending several meetings while also keeping up with the latest trends. Now, he can do all these with ease thanks to the massive 98” Neo QLED TV.

Samsung’s SmartThings feature allows the Samsung TV to connect to any smart device around the home. Multitasking is also possible with the help of the TV’s built-in smart capabilities, such as Multi-View, Bixby, and Tap View. Multi-View makes it easier to look at multiple content – be it a streaming service, social media feed, or YouTube video – in one screen. Viewers can also choose which window they want to spotlight. With Bixby Voice Command, searching for your favorite content is a breeze. Tap View lets users mirror content from their smartphone screens to the TV with just one light tap, so you can scroll through social media, take a video call, or whip out an email all from a bigger screen. 

Lahat malalagay ko na dito sa TV, like YouTube and music,” Cheng pointed out. “I can have meetings here, as well as my entertainment. Mahilig talaga ako mag-multitask, so ito talaga yung TV na para sa akin. Hindi masakit sa mata, sobrang linaw talaga.” Just like his collectables, the Samsung Neo QLED TV is a cut above the rest, making it the perfect addition to his already impressive collection.

Families, creatives, and hobbyists alike can experience the greatness of the Samsung Neo QLED TV in their homes. With incredible visuals and cinematic surround sound, gaming, and smart home capabilities, this is the ultimate device for all things entertainment and productivity.

For more information, visit www.samsung.com/ph.