Uncle Samsik boasts a collision of fame and acting prowess that nobody saw coming

A multi-awarded artist, a well-loved k-pop idol, a versatile  actress, a theater-trained actor, and a fine oppa. Ready to cause an explosive collision of their fame and acting prowess, the A-list Korean celebs forming the cast of Uncle Samsik is a combo nobody saw coming. Get to know the cast and find out why they are set to get everyone hooked on this new thrilling period drama, premiering on Disney+ on May 15.

His role in Parasite catapulted him to the world stage. Taking the leading role in his series debut, will Song Kangho’s role as Uncle Samsik earn him another internationally renowned character?

From Girl’s Generation to Uncle Samsik, Tiffany Young adds another layer to her artistry. In her actress era, Filo SONEs are you ready for this?!

A proud alumna of mata-mata school of acting, will her role as Yeojin in Uncle Samsik earn Jin Kijoo an acting award soon? 

The villain is villaining. One of OG K-drama villains, Lee Kyuhyung is back and ready to earn the ire of Pinoy Hallyu fans as Kang Seongmin in Uncle Samsik.

Oppa alert! Boasting a sleek and intelligent look as well as superb acting power, Byun Yohan is poised to join the ranks of well-loved Korean Oppas.