vivo Y02s: The Practical Choice for New Smartphone Users

With the seemingly infinite choices available today, picking the perfect smartphone has become quite a confusing and complicated task. There are a few things a buyer needs to consider when buying their first mobile phone: battery life, size and design, built-in features, and price, just to name a few.

vivo’s latest entry-level offering, the vivo Y02s, is a slim yet powerful, affordable device that is perfect to meet new users’ digital needs.

A battery life that lasts

If you don’t want to search for sockets everywhere you go or have the luxury of carrying a power bank all the time, get a smartphone with long-lasting battery life. With the vivo Y02s’s impressive 5,000 mAh battery, you can definitely enjoy your gadget without having to worry about running out of battery over and over in a day. A single full charge allows you to stream YouTube in HD for up to 18 hours, 20 hours of music playback on Spotify, and 7 hours of resource-intensive gaming like PUBG, or Mobile Legends. Your mobile phone’s long battery life ensures that you can spend more hours browsing, playing games, and binge-watching movies and TV series than recharging.

And in case you do use up all of its power, vivo Y02s also features 10W fast charging, making sure that you can easily get back on track.

A design that’s easy on the eye and to grip

With only 8.19 mm thickness and weighing just 182 g, the vivo Y02s is light and easy to handle. It easily fits into your pocket or small pouch. The sophisticatedly designed 2.5 D curvature and frame of its body are not only pleasing to the eyes, but they also make the device more comfortable to grip.

This smartphone is a delight to see, as well. It comes in Flourite Black, which gives off a classy shine and a touch of elegance, and Vibrant Blue, which showcases a pattern of dancing waves, rejuvenating you with passion and vitality.

A screen that improves viewing satisfaction

A wide and immersive screen is necessary nowadays as it helps avoid eye strain when reading articles, emails, text messages, and even successive social media posts. It even makes viewing photos and playing graphics-intensive games better.

Those demands are satisfied by the vivo Y02s’s 6.51-inch HD+ Halo FullView Display with 1600*720 (HD+) resolution. Moreover, it has an intelligent brightness adjustment depending on ambient light conditions and filters out harmful blue light.

A camera that beautifully captures significant moments

For its camera, the vivo Y02s features good set of cameras, which are effective to use even in dark environments and have a real-time preview of fill light effects and automatic adaption to ambient cool and warm light. The main camera is even complemented by vivo’s AI editing software that ensures great photographs every single time.

These camera specifications make this device the perfect companion for frequent travelers who love to capture breathtaking landscapes, fun adventures, and other special moments.

A powerful processor that makes great things happen

A mobile phone with a powerful processor opens all your essential apps in a blink of an eye and helps you promptly complete your tasks. Great news for you—the vivo Y02s is powered by a Mediatek Helio P35 chipset and has 3GB of RAM and 32GB of memory to guarantee sufficient phone storage. These aspects contribute to your gadget’s speed, gaming performance, user experience, battery efficiency, and overall smooth performance.

The best choice for a seamless first-time user experience

The vivo Y02s checks off all the boxes of what a smartphone should be for first-time users. It has a battery life that suffices daily requirements. It is both beautifully and ergonomically designed.

It has all the fundamental features covered with its wide and clear display, a very capable camera that works well even in unfavorable conditions, and a processor that enables the gadget’s smooth performance. And you do get all these for a reasonable and affordable price.


The vivo Y02s is now available at vivo’s official website, official Shopee and Lazada stores, and Tiktok shop. Slim yet powerful and with an affordable price of only Php 6,499, it truly is the perfect choice for anyone looking to get a  reliable gadget as their first foray into the smartphone era.

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