Work Hard, Play Hard with These OPPO Watch x Wear OS Lifehacks

Life is getting busier as we try to juggle work, life and health all at the same time! We can certainly do with more lifehacks and OPPO Watch is here to help with some ways you can multitask your way to a more productive day.

The leading global smart device brand’s first ever smartwatch, the OPPO Watch 41mm blends modern technology and aesthetic style, and comes with Google’s Wear OS software that provides an amazing variety of lifehacking apps you can install easily. It can be a little overwhelming to decide which smart apps to try, so here’s a curated list of favorites which might just help you throughout the day!

Work Anywhere, Anytime with Productivity Apps

While working from the office, home, and on the go can get challenging, Wear OS features many productivity apps perfect for helping you to power through the day without missing a beat!

Google Keep helps you make all sorts of notes, from to-do lists to shopping lists – and syncs them between your phone and OPPO Watch. Upgrade you meetings with Wear Audio Recorder, which lets you record meetings, lectures and voice notes, and Presenter Wear, which helps you control the presentation slides on your computer through OPPO Watch! It also keeps you on top of your presentation time and upcoming slides, and allows you to change slides with just a gesture of your wrist.


Stay in touch with and quickly reply to your colleagues, friends and family with swipe messaging or through a few handy pre-recorded responses for WeChat, Telegram, Viber and many popular messaging apps.

Have Fun with Games, Experimental Apps and More

The key to a wholesome day is to balance work and play.  Destress with strategic challenge games like 2048 Android Wear and Infinity Loop, played directly on your OPPO Watch’s interface. If you’re hooked on podcasts, Wear Casts is one of the first standalone Wear OS apps that allows you to stream, download and play podcasts directly on your OPPO Watch. You can also sync up your Spotify so you can listen not just to your favorite podcasts, but to your music playlists too identified by your go-to music identifying app, Shazam.

For fashion lovers, there’s no better way to match your watch to your outfit of the day than with OPPO Watch and Wear OS’s watchfaces! Apps like Facer allow you to choose from over 15,000 different watchfaces, or create your own. Plus, you can take your OOTD with your OPPO Watch, with Camera Remote which allows you to control and preview your phone’s camera. 

Pro-tips for Lifehackers

Voice activation can help you get your tasks done quicker. With Google Assistant, you can now set a timer or a reminder with just your voice. Need directions to your next appointment? Just ask assistant and you’ll be on your way in no time. You can even easily convert currency and translate languages on-the-go.

What’s even better is that you can let the OPPO Watch predict what you’ll do next without instruction! IFTTT (If This, Then That) allows you to trigger actions across a variety of apps and devices that traditionally do not work with each other – connecting almost everything that you own into one manageable ecosystem. With just a tap on the wrist, you can mute your phone or turn on all the smart lights in your house. 

With thousands of apps available on Wear OS, the OPPO Watch is ready to help you discover a limitless world of productivity possibilities.

The OPPO Watch 41mm is available for Php 12,990 in all OPPO concept and online stores, as well as exclusive e-commerce partner Lazada. For more information, visit OPPO’s official website at or its official Facebook page at OPPO Philippines.