Youthful communication with Huawei Y7a

Ever wanted to have a phone that has everything? That can help your partner in your on the go lifestyle, that can capture every milestone beautifully and can be your partner in your gaming moment? Then the new Huawei y7a is the answer to your everyday need. 

Huawei y7a is the latest addition to the Y-series of Huawei. It has different features and functionalities that are helpful whenever you are at work, at home or on a play mode. 

Bigger is Better

Huawei y7a is ideal for people who love taking pictures, videos and even gamers. It has 6.67 inches + FHD +Big Screen. With its 394 PPI, it can give you a clear display. This feature is ideal whenever you want to browse your captured moment. It is also good if you’re into binge-viewing or playing your favorite online game.

The good thing about Huawei y7a is that the screen is TÜV Rheinland certified so if you need to finish your 2 hrs. movie or you need to attack in your games you can count on the Eye Comfort mode to reduce the eye strain. 

I love watching movies and series and I also play some online games. With Huawei y7a’s widescreen, I get to enjoy my movie time more. I can see every detail clearly without irritating my eyes.

There are times that I need to put my phone near to my eyes just to watch a movie or play a game but for Huawei y7a I don’t need to do it anymore because, with the widescreen feature of Huawei y7a, comfort is what you will get. 

The camera that you can depend on

Many of us love taking pictures and finding a good camera that can be difficult. But with Huawei y7a, you can never go wrong. It has a Quad AI Camera that is composed of a 48mp main camera 8mp 120 degrees Ultra wide-angle camera and 2mp Depth camera. 

These features are very ideal for people who love taking pictures. Even if you use the zoom feature you can still get a clear and crisp detail of your subject whether it is in landscape or portrait position. 

If you are a fan of night modes, no need to worry because you can still get take pictures effortlessly. This is made possible by the 48MP sensor with the help of AI-assisted multi-frame noise reduction technology. 

I find this feature very helpful and reliable because it gives me the clarity that I want without adjusting the other setting of the camera. It delivers great results that are IG and Facebook ready.

It also has 8MP that I love because I always take pictures of landscapes and other scenic views. With its 120 degrees feature, I can take my favorite spot without any hassle. I can also take group pictures easily. 

I also love taking pictures in close-up and the 2MP Macro camera didn’t fail me. It still has the crispiness that I want to have on my close up pictures. 

Selfies are its best with Huawei y7a. The front camera that usually being used for selfies is equipped with 8MP. Even if I am not in a well-lit place I can still get a clear selfie.

I also love the Night Mode feature of Huawei y7a because it gives me beautiful results whenever I use it to take pictures of places that display wonderful light designs and this is made possible by the high ISO that is equipped so even in a dark environment we can still take pictures stunningly. 

Long Life, More Fun 

Because I am always on the move, I spend most of my time commuting. With the hustle and bustle of the streets of Manila, I keep myself entertained with music while catching cute pocket monsters that is why the battery is very important. 

I am very impressed with the life of the battery of Huawei y7a. I can use my phone for 2 days, so I don’t need to bring my bulky power banks because I can rely on the battery performance of Huawei y7a. 

I don’t need to worry about getting low battery easily and that is because Huawei y7a is equipped with 500mAh. With this battery capacity, all I can do is enjoy my everyday commute without any hassle of charging it while using. 

Precious Moments in Big Storage.

128GB or 64GB is big storage for me. Since I love taking pictures and listening to music, this storage is a big help. I can store more than a hundred music files, high-quality pictures and it still has room for other files like documents for my work and other personal stuff.

Huawei y7a is also equipped with Kirin 710A with 4GB LPDDR4X

 RAM. This feature is ideal for us who likes to are active with social media almost every day because it helps our phones to run smoothly even with multiple apps. 

Communicate with Style and Secure

Huawei y7a is very sleek that can go with my every style. From formal gathering, work or even for leisure. Huawei y7a is perfect not too big and not too small.

The Style of Huawei y7a will give you the aura of youthfulness and power that will let you stand out from the crowd and with the 3 different color variants, Crush Green, Blush Gold, and Midnight Black you will feel the sense of high fashion is in your hands. 

You cannot doubt the security of the Huawei y7a because it has a side-mounted fingerprint feature. You can use this button to enable your phone and the placement of this button is very on point because you can unlock you comfortably and without the fear of falling your phone while unlocking it. 

Be You-nique

If you’re looking for a phone that requires you to be online all the time or have access to your work emails or simply wants to do a photo walk during the weekend and still have the chance to play your mobile games, then the Huawei y7a is the perfect phone for you. 

The Huawei y7a is one of the best phones that you need to include in your must-haves this 2021. The performance is superb, the style is very You-nique and the quality is outstanding. 


You can never go wrong with the Huawei y7a because whatever you need in a phone, Huawei y7a can deliver so much better. 

Don’t be afraid to explore and experience the Huawei y7a and see the difference that will let your creativity grow and flourish in style.