NTC urged to clarify Globe GOMO’s delay in MNP compliance: Smart

Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) has urged the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) to look into why Globe’s GOMO had failed to take part in the Mobile Number Portability (MNP) launch on September 30th.

In a letter submitted today to NTC Commissioner Gamaliel A. Cordoba, Smart Regulatory Affairs’ Manager Atty. Kenneth E. Regañon wrote, “Even the President of the Philippines cannot stop the law from being implemented.  How then can a unilateral act of one covered by the law, delay implementation?”

Smart has referenced a Globe advisory sent to its customers a day before MNP’s launch saying, MNP for GOMO will not be available on September 30th:

“Hey, GOMO Fam! We wish to inform you that Mobile Number Portability (MNP) for GOMO will be available by October 2021 due to unavoidable technical issues. We’re sorry for the inconvenience this may cause. Don’t worry, we’re working hard to make the service available at the soonest time possible. Thank you and stay awesome!”

GOMO is described in its SIM Terms and Conditions as a mobile service provider (MSP) operated by Globe Telecom Inc. (Globe) currently running on Globe’s network. According to Republic Act # 11202 (MNP Act), all MSPs are obligated to provide nationwide mobile number portability (or MNP) to all qualified subscribers. The MNP Act gives all GOMO subscribers the right and guaranty that by September 30, 2021, it can switch to its preferred network like SMART seamlessly and without the hustle of changing their mobile phone number.

“The MNP Act applies to all MSPs without exception and GOMO subscribers can demand from Globe a seamless network switch starting September 30, and yet GLOBE has just issued an advisory denying GOMO subscribers precisely this right. We do not believe that Globe is above the law, that is why we are asking the Commission’s clarification on this issue” said Regañon.

Section 9.4 of NTC MC 03-06-2019 Implementing Rules and Regulation, which provides that the donor provider shall not impose conditions and procedures for completion of the porting application which have the effect of serving as a disincentive or deterrent against moving to different mobile service providers.

MSPs commercially launched MNP last September 30th, allowing qualified subscribers to switch to their preferred network seamlessly within 48 hours and without the hustle of changing their mobile number.